Chaos Legion is only 5 days left so will SPS pump further?




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The battleground looks like bloody hell as only 3 days and 11 hours left for this current season to end. SO many new name I am seeing this season, even more than the previous ones with all maxx cards and unbeatable lineups even in Diamond tier. This time, I am not even sure if I can reach my favorite Leaderbaord spot before the season timer hits zero. But, I will try my level best t reach my goal so let's hope for the best. I am currently roaming at Diamond I with 3618 trophies and mana ECR is also at 98% so right after I finished my post, I will join the battle again and will earn those sweet DECs.


Now, let us look at the market prices of splinterlands token SPS to experience it's growth. Chaos Legion pre sale will be launched soon, only 5 days more and many players and investors are collecting as many SPS as they can in order to buy Chaos Legion packs with SPS as it will provide them 10% off when bought with SPS. The voucher system also a big cause after the sudden price rise of SPS as in order to buy Chaos Legion packs in pre sale you will need vouchers. ! vouchers will let you buy 1 chaos pack and these vouchers can only be earned thru staking SPS in game or you have to buy them from market. To get these vouchers as free, many players are staking more and more SPS into their in game SPS staking thus the APR of SPS drastically decreased to 69% now which was 200%+ even a few weeks before.

Well, after experiencing a huge pump lately, which caused SPS to hit above 0.9, currently it is seeing a lil dump and in last 24 hours, it came down from 0.91$ to 0.78$. But, to me, it is only a short time downfall and will be rectified very soon. I have really high hopes that SPS will be traded at least above 1$ per token during the Pre sale. I mostly stake all my SPS and right now I have 15k+ SPS staked in total. But, I did hold some liquid SPS and sold them off during the pump at approx 0.89$ and booked profit. After this chaos Legion pre sale, most probably SPS will come down a bit as per my expectations, maybe then I will buy some stack from market and stake in my account.


In long term, SPS will become the oxygen of the splinterlands universe. Already, in order to play tournament, you will need a tons of SPS as staked within your account so that's a very important requirement I have to fill. My friends know I have a half cooked Splinterlands card collection and thou it as many cards from all the [previous editions, the collection is not worthy to play tournaments with. So, I am planning on making a full Chaos Legion collection and also enough SPS staked in my account to secure my future with tournaments. Yes, tournaments are the main source to earn fortune in splinterlands and if you are only earning from ranked matches and season, you are seeing only the tip of the iceberg.


Before I finish today's post, let me share my last quest reward chests openings. I completed my last quest in Diamond I and the required splinter was Earth this time. I did lose some matches but finally was able to win 5 ranked matches with my Wizard of Eastwood. But this time I only got 2 rare and some common cards from those loot chests. But the season end is near so let me hope bigger from the season loot crates. :)

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