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Hello my friends!

I hope you all are well and playing splinterlands. The game is really creating a hype in the NFT and crypto world. The SPS token lunch followed by the Chaos Legion pre-sale really making some noise lately as thousands of people are trying to get their hands on these pre-sale packs for a chance to get the airdrop promo card which I think will be a pricey one in future.


Only about 31239 Chaos legion packs has been sold so far as vouchers are limiting many whales to buy in bulk. They also launched some new reward cards lately and hopefully you are getting them in daily and season loot chests. I have been keeping an eye on them and already bought 4 common and 2 rares of them in max level. I also have craving for those new water reward card but they already gone too costly and my hand are tied on the other hand for chaos legion.


Luckily, I have the new water rare reward in the red-dog account and I have been using it lately in ranked matches. After using it in a handful of matches, I already am impressed with this awesome card. So, today, we will talk about VENARI WAVESMITH, a new soldier to the magic gang and take a look into how it can do in the real battlefield.


What is special about VENARI WAVESMITH?

  • Wavesmith costs only 5 mana to use so you can chose it in medium to large mana games generally. From initial level it carries 1 magic attack which become 3 when it reaches it's max level.

  • From initial level, it gets the protection ability which makes him a defensive monster. It gives all friendly monsters 2 shield each so your lineup will be harder to beat down to those enemy melee and range monsters.

  • From level 5, it gets the Dispel ability which which is the main thing about this monster. If it successfully attacks an enemy, that card will lose all positive status effects on it. Just think about snatching away all the positive status effects that the enemy card through multiple abilities and buffs. As exactly you have thought, It will suddenly weak the front card of the opponent thus it will be be easier to kill it down.



The market price of VENARI WAVESMITH was high since the beginning but it never came lower. Currently, the lowest max level available on market is for 600$ and single bcx cards are starting from 7.28$ which is much higher than a leveled up card.




It gives all friendly monsters extra shield.



When hits an enemy, snatches away all positive status effect from it.

Battle Line-up


Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 22

Splinters allowed: Fire, Earth, Water, Death, Dragon and neutral.


  • Heavy Hitter - All monsters will have the knock out ability.
  • Keep your Distance - No melee monsters can be used in this match.

It was a non melee match with a medium 22 ma cap so I thought to go with water splinter and test my wavesmith. This time, as there were 4 summoners allowed to chose from, I decided to make a defensive lineup with multiple triage monsters. below I am explaining my lineup and why i chose them.



i chose the king of defense LORD ARIANTHUS at my first position. I am using a level 4 here and it has 1 speed and 9 health with 4 abilities - Shield, Void, magic reflect and Thorns. If the opponent uses a magic deck he will face hard time, and if he uses range monsters then at least the shield ability will make it stand for longer.



I used KELP INITIATE at my second place and I used it because of it's high health with triage and cleanse ability. i am using a level 8 here and it has 6 speed with 9 health and 2 abilities - Cleanse and triage. Cleanse will protect my Lord from negative effects and the Triage will heal up the monsters that are not in first position.



I chose another defensive monster MERMAID HEALER at my third place. It only costs 3 mana to use but at level 6 which i am using in this battle, it carries 1 magic attack at 3 speed and 5 health with 3 abilities - cleanse, Strengthen and Triage.



I selected MEDUSA as my main attacker in this match. I am using a max level here and I am placing it in the fourth position. It possesses 3 magic attack at 3 speed and 6 health with stun ability. If this monster stays alive for long enough, it alone can kill down the opponents one by one. In case it gets damaged by magic reflect abilities, that's where my triage monsters will work.



I placed the VENARI WAVESMITH at the fifth position of my lineup as the longer it stys alive, the longer I will get the protection ability upon my friendly monsters and also a high magic attack from it. I am using a level 8 here and it has 3 magic attack at 4 speed and 4 health with 2 abilities - Protection and Dispel.



I chose the Furious chicken at the last position in this fight. I should have placed it in third position here respecting the fact that i wont be attacked by melee sneak or opportunity monsters. But some magic and range monsters also have sneak and even opportunity abilities now so you never know. i am using a level 1 her and it has 1 speed and 1 health with no attack or abilities.

Match result


I didn't expect much thou but as the match got revealed, i find out that my opponent have chosen a MAXX level Scarred Llama mage summoner against me. His lineup was consisting of a max level failed summoner at the front, followed by a max child of the forest and a max level Kron at the end, and all of them are gold foil cards :)

Anyways, let us ow look into how my Wavesmith actually performed in the battlefield.

  • At the very first level, my wavesmith attacked the enemy failed guy with 4 magic attack and reduced it's health from 12 to 8. Also, it snatches away the strengthen ability from the failed summoner which was giving it extra health. Because of the magic reflect ability of the enemy failed summoner, my wavesmith got hit back with 2 damage which was later healed up by my Mermaid healer. So, my triage combo worked perfect here.

  • At second round, the wavesmith successfully took down the wounded failed summoner with it's deadly 4 magic attack blow. This time as well, it got back 2 damage because of the magic reflect ability but the mermaid healed it up again.

  • At the third round, the wavesmith again took down another monster, this time it was the wounded child of the forest who was only having 2 health remaining.

  • At later rounds, both my medusa and wavesmith worked together and killed down the enemy Kron. Both of them were having 4 magic attacks which was too much for the Kron to bear and stand still. Hence, i won this match without breaking a sweat!

At least after this match, you won't find him useless or low powered monster I think. It's Protect ability saved me from the range attackers from child of the forest ad in your case as well, it will save you from multiple range and melee attacks. It's dispel ability is also super handy to weaken the first enemy in line and thus it can be hunt down faster by your monster army. I am sure you enjoyed the post. Please let me know your thinking about this monster in the comments below.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future SplinterLands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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