CAAD First Bulk Discount Sale and White Paper

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CAAD White Paper March 15th 2022 Beta Draft

Mission: To provide the Splinterlands and Hive community with additional uses/discounts for their in game assets including cards, dec, and sps through CAAD, a hive engine token.

How will we do that:

  1. First note that using Cardauctionz to purchase and rent cards already gives you a 3.25% discount. If you use CAAD to purchase cards and/or rent you will receive an additional discount of .25% If you're interested in Splinterlands this is a 100% no brainer, definitive reason to have the coin. You would need no additional benefit but there are many!

  2. Lending using Splinterlands cards as collateral for DEC or SPS will require fees for the borrower and lender. These fees will receive a .25% discount by using CAAD. Software launch deadline April 21 2022

  3. Safe Trade, an escrow service for splinterlands card trading, will receive a .25% discount on trading fees

  4. Live auctions of Splinterlands assets will receive a .25% discount of fees by using CAAD

  5. Sellers of Splinterlands cards will receive a .25% reduction from the 1% market charge when paying in CAAD and listing a card at Cardauctionz

  6. CAAD will receive a 5% discount on purchases from the new game Mythic Portal. The first playable game or demonstration is in less than two weeks - hook up with us on discord if you're interested in beta testing. The new game will also accept dec and sps at a 3% discount providing an additional use case for them! We will continue to improve your Splinterlands market with CAAD's success.


Staking Rewards:

A. Required staked balances will entitle you to profit sharing from Cardauctionz and Mythic Portal in the form of DEC, SPS, CAAD, or Hive.^

B. Meeting a staked balance requirement will grant you access to the affiliate program where you will have your own link to Cardauctionz and Mythic Portal in which you'll earn .25% earnings from the fees of your affiliates.^

C. Staked balances will give access to advanced market statistics and strategy from Splinterlands and Mythic Portal^

D. Staked balances will give access to exclusive Splinterlands Tournaments^


Pricing and Discounts

Coin Statistics
Total Max Supply is 15,000,000
Coins in Circulation: 21,514

Bulk discount coins will be untradeable until the last airdropped card of Chaos Legion is released.** However, it can be used with the Cardauctionz and Mythic Portal sites for their functions as they are developed!

A CAAD token is currently being bought at 2.00 USD in hive at hive engine

Discounts will be applied to the current price feed on hive engine but never going below 2.00 USD per coin

If you wish to purchase CAAD in bulk you may do so by contacting me at discord and tagging your message with @marcuswahl

These discounts are available for the first 100,000 coins

Buy 1,000 + coins get 5% discount
Buy 10,000 + coins get 10% discount
Buy 100,000 + coins get 30% discount
Buy 1,000,000 + coins get 50% discount

These discounts are available for up to the first 200,000 coins

Buy 2,000 + coins get 5% discount
Buy 10,000 + coins get 8% discount
Buy 100,000 + coins get 25% discount
Buy 1,000,000 + coins get 50% discount

These discounts are available after 200,000+ coins
Buy 10,000 + coins get 7% discount
Buy 100,000 + coins get 20% discount
Buy 1,000,000 + coins get 50% discount


Additional Explanation and Notes

^The specific required balances are not calculated yet as we are developing the CAAD token integration and gathering information. If you are considering a bulk discount we are very open to your input on the numbers these should be. We can be contacted at discord please tag @marcuswahl

**CAAD already has a history as it is backed by the splinterlands holdings of username cardauctionzcom1 Upon the last airdropped card of Chaos Legion being released the holders of 21,514 coins will decide to liquidate for hive or continue on with the project. This is why CAAD tokens purchased in bulk are untradeable and only allowed to be used as a form of payment on the sites. Rest assured, tokens that are used with the sites will not be released on the tradable market until the last Chaos Legion air drop card has been revealed and necessary time has been given to the holders to liquidate for hive or continue to hold.

Rental discounts are currently turned off and being worked on.

Contact me on discord tag @marcuswahl with questions or sale orders

How to Login
Video Walk Through of Savings on Splinterlands Card Purchases
Use and Frequently Asked Questions for Cardauctionz


Nice job Marcus, I'm excited to see all the features you are adding and also love that you will also have another game too. The more our ecosystem grows the better it gets for all. Good news!!!


Thanks so much Dave. You've been very helpful from accepting me into the Team Possible Guild to giving such great advice along the journey!