SplinterZine – #37 – December 24th – 2021

Another Splinter Zine wishes everyone a Merry Christmas today!


Splinterlands is a very competitive game and brings many forms of earnings as everyone knows.

Increasing your ranking to move up in leagues is one of the most sought-after ways by players, as it grants you greater earnings.

But to move up in the leagues you need the amount of Collection Power (CP) from the top league, making it impossible for many players to advance.

So the search for Collection Power in rentals becomes essential.

But is it an advantage to rent to advance in the league?

That's what @bteim can help answer, bringing data and analysis about the subject.

Moving up in Leagues - Is it Worth It?

apost2b.png apost1a.png

We are seeing many new players creating content here on the blog, this is very important for the entire community as it helps to spread this amazing game more and more.

Besides the rewards, users can find out about everything about the game, and even sweepstakes and prizes, that the community distributes.

And to help new players, @stekene shares this fantastic tip that won him lots of prizes despite the short time playing.

See your post for more details.

Splinterlands: How to get FREE cards, dec and sps!


Splinterlands is a PlayToEarn game, and to achieve the expected success in battles you must have cards that will help you on your way to victory.

We know that minor leagues have always been and are now even more competitive.

@vvgm reviewed its behavior in the game and realized that it should review its strategy.

She tells us details of which path she will follow from now on.

Es hora de cambiar mi estrategia en el juego – It's time to change my strategy in the game.


It's always good to see how new players experience Splinterlands, how they met, and their future expectations.

Lately, there's been a lot of changes in gameplay and economy, even so, the game doesn't stop and more and more new users join.

@yaziris is one of these new players, describes his first impressions, and is doubtful whether this isn't a "party-end" in Splinterlands.

Late To The Party? My Splinterlands Career Begins!


Splinterlands this year saw a massive increase in users and investors.

In these last months of the year, new players are still gaining, influenced perhaps by the constant updates and the launch of the new collection of cards.

But everyone realizes that the market has been losing a little value, this can be related to several factors, not the specific game.

@alokkumar121 describes his opinion, whether the growth of Splinterlands is over and what he expects about the future of the game and economy.

Is Splinterlands Game hype Over ?


Thanks a lot for reading and comments.

A monstrous Merry Christmas!


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I really enjoyed @bteim's post on leagues and the cost/benefit analysis. I'm so glad you enjoyed it too!!! These are all such great reads! Thank you so much for sharing them.


Thank you for the curation! I look forward to your content updates, and it is an honor to be included in one of them 😍


Thank you very much for the mention, as you can see I am new and I am open to your opinions about possible strategies to follow, greetings to all.


Thanks for the mention. I honestly doubt that I will be playing this game anymore.

When I published my post I haven't realized at the time that I actually CAN'T DO ANYTHING in the game without Power. I can't progress in leagues to earn DEC or get rewards.

I don't see any way to get cards other than buying and buying, and for what? To get 2 credits reward from a chest? 😕

Frankly, I regret spending the $10 now. They made it sound like the game would open its doors for you if you buy the spellbook, which isn't true at all. You don't get anything for buying it, you're left alone naked (without any cards) and without any means of getting anything.

Newbies are treated as merely food for the rest in this game, nothing more.
I'll have to just wait for each league to end to possibly get any card, and hopefully after 100 leagues pass, I might have enough power from cards to progress ONE STEP more.

Sorry for the rant. 😅 and thank you again!