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THIS POST contains an amazing Splinterlands art entry from a brand new Hive artist @h-t-t

THIS POST tracking stats for the most popular blockchain games is definetly the most 1UP appropirate blog post I have seen in a while - by @cryptobeautiful.

THIS POST by @relf87 boasts the incredible curation rewards potential of the #oneup token, along with his personal recent curation stats, grided in a professional chart for easy digestion.

THIS POST confirms my longheld theory that video game consoles run on blockchain technology is inevitable - "60% of American and British video game builders have incorporated blockchain science into their game development endeavours." - @vaino-rami

On the directly #spt/Splinterlands side - THIS POST is a fabulous detailed breakdown of the Chaos Legion presale to help folks better understand what they are getting for thier funds via vouchers and promos, and what to expect moving forward towards the "regular sale".

You have also been cure-rat'ed by @master.splinter btw - weild the #oneup wisely.


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