Hi Guys! It's me again masterzarlyn28 in the hive! For today's blog let's talk about Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge! This time the theme is from the Death Element - Dhampir Stalker. We'll be talking about the stats of this rare card monster, the rules during the battle, opponents and my team line up and lastly the strategy on how I win this battle

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Half-vampire, the Dhampir are faster and stronger than normal humans. Most have taken to a mercenary lifestyle, never quite welcome with vampires or humans. The Stalker is adept at tracking their prey, then dispatching the target with a silent and perfectly-placed arrow from the shadows.
From his perch atop the dock master's building, Vilak observed the commotion below. There on the docks, crooked and bleeding among the fishing boats and merchant ships, was the corpse of a male. Tanned skin. Brown beard. Dirty clothes. Lifeless eyes staring up at the night sky.

Surrounding the victim were four of the city guards, each stumbling about, peering behind crates and waving their arms. Clueless idiots, all of them.

Vilak did not move, but simply breathed deeply. The scent of salt, kelp, wood, ale, piss, and...ah. There it was. Blood.

Although only half vampire, his ability to track even the faintest hint of blood was as dependable as that of a full Nocturni. His crimson eyes slowly moved their gaze to the southern district where the blood scent led.

His target had taken a black-fletched arrow to the gut. Vilak had taken care to avoid major arteries. It was critical that the target survived long enough to answer a few questions. Unfortunately for the lone dock worker who rushed to help, the target was not eager to be the subject of scrutiny. The flash of steel and a quick slash across the neck sent the dock worker sprawling backwards, clutching his throat.

The target had then stumbled away from the docks and into the city.

Vilak shouldered his bow. Pulling his hood low, he smiled grimly and slid down the side of the roof.

It was time to hunt.




Level 1 to 3 : It already has a strong stat at this level, with 3 ranged damage, 3 kill-inducing speed, and missed enemy damage. Possessing a fantastic ability called true strike, which an opponent monster cannot miss!

Level 4 to 6 : Additional ranged attack and health power, as well as a new deathblow ability that deals 2x damage if the adversary is down to one remaining monster.

Level 6 to 8 : One of the OP cards I used in the top league has strong ranged damage, speed, and health power with two abilities. This monster will not fail to astound and defend your squad.

Dhampir is a rare monster card under chaos edition and belongs to the Death Element group. Given that it costs 7 mana and has two astonishing abilities, it is a very powerful card monster in battles with mid- to high-mana caps. The opponent cannot miss this attack! Additional 2x damage is dealt when there is only 1 monster left on the other team.










All Monsters have the Enrage ability.
Increase Melee attack and Speed when damaged. Values are multiplied by 1.5 and rounded up. Prefer Melee monsters with Sneak, Opportunity in the back row.

Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles.

You can use high HP or high speed Ranged monsters at position 2 (or even at position 1 if it has Heal). Choose summoners that give a bonus to Ranged attack or to speed and then choose high damage Ranged attack monsters. Beware of the possibility that your opponent might pick Lir Deepswimmer as summoner or monsters with Return Fire. High HP and Heal is the way to go in this ruleset.


⚔️ MY TEAM ⚔️

I sort the card depending on the highest mana for the high mana cap. As you can see, every card I own has seven mana or more. 2 picks for magic, ranged, and melee attacks. In order to prevent the enemy monster from inflicting as much damage on my monster, I have two magic monsters with the void and silence skills, Lord of Darkness, who serves as the tank, and Lord of Darkness, who has great damage and health power. In addition, since they can fight even though they are in the first position, I added two ranged monsters with a high speed and opportunity ability. Additionally, I combine a taunt monster to take every enemy damage and still reduce magic damage and earn additional health once a monster dies.



My opponent's team actually is a gold wizard because it employed only gold card monsters on the field. The only difference between my monster and it is that my monster chooses monsters with two melee, ranged, and magic attacks. However, my monster's enemy is not a Gold League max level card. Picking Windeku as the tank with a thorn ability will give extra damage to the melee attacker. In addition to this other Dhampir card, it is supported by a sneak, snipe, leech, opportunity, and more! Because of Zintar, I can debuff melee damage, but he will also lower my magic damage and health power, which is a positive aspect of this composition.




Lord of Darkness is a fantastic choice for this position because it possesses strong melee damage, strong health power, a decent speed of 3, and armor. Due to the stun ability, it can also prevent the target monster from being able to battle in the current round. a shielding power that will lessen both melee and ranged attacks' damage.


This gigantic monster has a variety of skills that are ideal for this combat. Having a void armor and a reflect that will lessen magic attacks, as well as a gigantic killer that means it deals double damage to enemies with a mana cap of 10 or higher. A beneficial combination with the tank because it deals twice as much damage to the opponent monsters that are stunned.


This monster has a silence ability which reduces the magic attack on all enemy monsters plus it also has avoid ability same as with the taunt monster. So basically if the enemy does only have 2 magic damage it will only become one because of the silencing ability and if it attacks the void monster, it will not deal any damage on the targeted monster.


Another support monster with incredibly speed enough to miss the attack of the opponent. A monster wihich add an additional speed and attacks the monster with the lowest health. It can also void monsters from the flying ability because of the snare.


Dhampir, the king of the week, is now in the second-to-last spot and has outstanding ranged damage of four with a 2 ability! With this damage, the opponent's monster will start to weep and die thanks to an ability that makes its attacks impossible to miss!


All of the enemy's damage will be taken by Dark Ha'on, the taunt monster. This card's void ability prevents his health from depleting, which is a good thing. It also possesses a flying ability and a speed of 3, which improve its ability to avoid an opponent's strikes. The silence monster helps to mitigate the magic harm..


⚔️ BATTLE ⚔️

Look at the axe striking Windeku directly; this will cause a direct 4 damage hit on its health. Windeku has already left the team after the first round. My team is still active and moves quickly, making it easy to avoid hostile strikes.


After dealing 6 melee damage to Silent Shavi's 6 health power in the second round, which saw the death of 3 hostile monsters, Lord of Darkness showed no mercy. One strike, one death! Dhampir delivered another axe stroke, and the intended creature was already dead. For those monsters with limited health power, the damages are excruciating.


As the rumble continues, Phantom Soldier throws a magic ball to Lira the Dark, since it has only 1 health left, Lira did not manage to escape this tragedy and left Dhampir. This time, this monster will get double damage from my Dhampir since he is the only one left in the enemy monster.


As I mentioned previously, the Dhampir will do twice as much damage to the opponent's remaining monster. Dhampir to Dhampir combat, enemy's Dhampir already gone.




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Did your strategy work?

Yes, my method was successful since all of my monsters were interconnected. They are extremely helpful to one another because the Silencer, Phantom Soldier, reduces the damage that will be dealt to the taunt monster while also having a void ability that prevents enemies with one magic damage from dealing any harm to him. Another card combo that deals double damage to monsters unable to deal damage in the current round is the Lord of Darkness with the Djinn Muirat. The two ranged attacks, which do terrible damage to opposing monsters, especially Dhampir the King of the Night, are last but certainly not least. They don't spare the other team, and they managed to to stay alive at the end of the battle!

What will you try differently next time?

The following time, I'll use a powerful summoner that lowers magic and ranged damage, Mimosa Night Shade, as my summoner. A distressing summoner that also causes hives, rendering the monster immune to healing.


That's all for now. Thank you for reading :)