Splinterlands - The Importance of Collection Points! (CP)


During the end of the season I was looking through my card rentals and looking at what I could lend out to earn slightly more for the final day. As players know well it is critical to have enough collection points in order to earn the end of season reward chests they are set to have won. Falling under that amount of points would mean less chests.


As snapshot above shows the range of collection points required in order to stay in a specific league and how much daily and end of season chests one could earn. Once over 200k in collection points we are talking a lot of cards. This is why near end of season players who do not have enough CP will be willing to spend a boat load of DEC to rent out enough CP.

CP per DEC

Here lies something I have overlooked over the the weeks ever since Splinterlands got its meteoric rise. What I did not realize was the ratio of CP per DEC is a good measuring point as to how cheap or expensive a card is.

Take for example purchasing a Alpha Lyanna Natura


The lowest price for the card is a level 5 with 16 bcx and its ratio is printed in Peakmonsters.com is 3.097 CP per USD. Currently for ease we will assume 90 DEC is equal to 1 USD. That means a little under 30 DEC per CP for the Alpha Lynanna Natura. Card maybe a great investment since players using it can earn 10% additional DEC per rank battle win and that there are limited supply of the card in circulation. However if one wanted to purchase the largest amount of CP at current prices they need to seek a higher CP per DEC ratio.


A level 7 beta Lynana Natura is current the cheapest with a 6.121 CP per 1 USD. That comes out to be around 15 DEC / CP. Although the beta version has more supply and no 10% bonus DEC, it will cost half the price per bcx than that of an alpha version. Furthermore the buyer of a beta will have more CP for the dollars spent.

This is the same across the board. Cards with lower DEC per CP is the most cost effective way to holding the most CPs. Look at the most recent in print cards, Chaos Legion reward cards, you can clearly see the DEC per CP would be almost 1 DEC per CP.


Common reward monster Pelacor Deceiver is selling for literally under 1 DEC per CP if you are fast enough to pick up the deals. Any time you see anything above 30 CP per 1 USD it is hinting that the card price will be under 1 DEC per 1 CP. That is a steal at current rates.

In similar fashion for rental cards the higher the CP per DEC the less the daily cost to rent the card. Goal for rental is to hold on to as many CP by season ends to receive highest possible league of earnings. There is not much more to it when it comes to rental.

This season I have been paying more attention to DEC per CP and realized at the end of the season card rental prices are through the roof. Some as as high as 10 CP per 1 DEC just for the day. Talk about passive income for lenders the best days to lend are the days before end of season. What I have found to be true is that most cards rent around 300 - 400 CP per DEC during the season and the same cards get to rent out under 100 CP per DEC on the day of end of season or near it.


The next time you are looking for quick purchase or rental of a card make sure to figure out the CP per DEC ratio. That way you know how far off the current market prices are toward your card in question. Sometimes it is not just the price itself of the card that determines if its a bargain but the collection points over the amount spend to get the card matters too. During this time with air drop SPS on top of raising CP to meet league requirements there is enough justification to focus on bargain hunting in buying cards in order of getting more CP.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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