Accumulating more DEC to increase the chance of earning more SPS Airdrop.


Blockchain games have significantly gained momentum in the crypto space it has drawn lots of attention and attracted investors from different parts of the world.

Splinterland a blockchain-based game have been around for quite a couple of years but with the introduction of SPS* ( the game native token ) and 365 days long airdrop the platform, without doubt, has attracted more users to the gaming platform with its staking features investors get a chance to earn more SPS by locking up liquid SPS these and more are some interesting features that create use case in the game.

I came on board late on Splinterland which means in other to earn more SPS I would be investing more time and effort playing more battles and building up a reputable playing strategy this would be time-consuming I guess for the working class and busy people.

Buying more DEC ( dark energy crystal ) is one of the incredible ways players can earn more SPS on Splinterland.


Above is my Splinterland dashboard showing the number of DECs I've held so far while most players earn their DEC through completing quests in a battle some prefer buying directly.

Buying more DECs and holding increase a player's chance of earning more SPS through the current ongoing airdropping process.

Currently, I earn approximately 1.5 to 2 liquid SPS from the current total number of DECs I'm holding (9,805 DECs ) this means the more DEC players hold the more chance of earning more SPS at the time of writing this article 1 SPS is equivalent to $0.936 this earning will continue none stop till mid or early July 2022.

How to buy DEC

From your Splinterland gaming account dashboard click on the plus sign which will redirect you to a page that looks like the below screenshot.


Fill out the number of hive power ( HP ) you would like to convert to DEC click on buy and follow the procedures.


Note buying DEC requires a player to have an extra Hive token balance on their hive. blog wallet for this process.

With your extra hive token balance, you can add more DEC to your Splinterland account very easily.

Holding more DEC will give you a chance of earning more SPS also you can as well covert your bought DEC to liquid hive token.

Splinterland staking and airdrop program have become an active-passive means of generating income by thousands of users today the value of SPS has also been gaining much value over the month.


Thats a very nice idea. Am also just accumulating Dec kinda late though but i am very close to 2K Dec now and i hope to keep buying more dec.

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