Just In Time For Halloween! Haunted Spider Gets No Treats!


Every week, @splinterlands posts a challenge for players to post about their battle, using a specific card or splinter. This week’s challenge, is to use Haunted Spider 🕷


All monsters get extra armor, but healing ❤️‍🩹 abilities aren’t allowed!

Mana cap: 22

Here is my battle:


Watch Via YouTube:


So, here was the team I put together:

Since, Haunted Spider is a Death Monster, I began by choosing my summoner. I picked, Zintar Mortalis- a powerful Death Summoner! Zintar is at level 6 and takes away an attack stat of each enemy melee monster!!

Zintar Mortalis is the leading Dark Summoner. His renown has earned him the right to have a name, which is rare among the Dark Eternal collective. As a powerful summoning wizard, Zintar is the closest thing Mortis knows to a celebrity. When facing Zintar Mortalis in a summoner’s battle, only the bravest opponents do not cower in fear.

I was already feeling confident, but let’s get to my monster line-up!

My Monster Lineup

In my tank position, I chose Undead Rexx! This card is all around awesome! I just wish Rexx was a little bit faster! Rexxie also has the rad trample ability! When a Monster with Trample hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next Monster on the enemy Team.

Skeleton Assassin followed. I mainly chose this card for its seed and abilities! The sneak ability Targets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first Monster and enables an attack from any position!! Poison Attacks have a chance to apply poison, which does automatic damage to the target at the beginning of each round after the poison is applied. Pretty dope!

I then chose, Furious Chicken. It cost nothing and added a health point to the team! Furious Chicken is the ultimate punching bag!

Twisted Jester was chosen to be in the fourth position. This card has OK stats, but I like him for it’s speed! His snipe ability is cool too! (Targets enemy Monsters with Ranged, Magic, or no attack that are not in the first position!) TJ also Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks. (Dodge)

Haunted Spider 🕷 , anchored the team, just because of the challenge. The stats are just ok, but I do like the poison ability. Poison Attacks have a chance to apply poison, which does automatic damage to the target at the beginning of each round after the poison is applied.

My battle went 6 rounds, and even though my team fought valiantly, we ultimately failed! Oken Behemoth was just too tough! Hats off to you, @one-eye! Respect ✊

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Oaken Behemoth stands very solidly, almost like a stand-alone team, and its attacks are pretty tough. This monster is really cool, I love it.

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