investment rice fields for village communities


For rural people, rice fields are their main field of income and work, but for city people, rice fields are a very beautiful and beautiful view that they have never had. This is what makes city people miss going to the countryside. They want to see and stand in the middle of rice fields. as if they wanted to scream at the top of their lungs that they were in paradise on earth. Rice fields are part of a natural phenomenon that is so beautiful and natural.
The beauty of the rice fields is certainly second to none, especially with the green rice growing in size. I saw this was a beauty so I felt I had to take some pictures of the beauty of the rice fields like this in the middle of the rice fields. I have been there and taken several pictures from different directions to I told my friends that this kind of natural beauty is what photographers always miss and that is part of my hobby.
The white clouds in the morning add to the beauty of the rice fields which makes the eye's vision a little obstructed by the thick white lights. This is very natural air. Oxygen is still very pure. When we are in the middle of the rice fields, breathing air like this is something we always do. we want to know that these are natural beauties that we never get in large urban centers.
I have taken several pictures with the smartphone I have, Samsung A20s, early in the morning when I arrived in the middle of the rice fields because I have to get up early to take beautiful pictures like this. Photographers are certainly required and are always required to capture them. the image is beautiful again and that is not easy for us to get.
That's my post today in the CCH community which is a large community and has to be seniors who are very experienced, some of these pictures and also the writings I have formulated to see as possible so that makes this a good post, a post that contains positive values ​​at the moment. friends read it, greetings to friends and continue to make posts of course that contain positive values ​​and I am a person who always respects friends in this large community.






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