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With a shock of orange tangled hair, red skin, and a fiery temper to match, Blood Makers couldn’t look any more like a bonfire out of control. Its fascination with both fire and gadgetry has borne some quite effective and deadly weapons, as well as its fair share of devastating blunders.

The agency, Talon and Gorst, earmarked gnomes long ago as having great potential to expand their catalog and generate more interest in this undervalued race of creatures. They expected to quickly reap the reward, but, alas, few clients were interested, seeing the gnomes’ fiery nature as a potential issue and not wanting to risk losing their businesses to a mistimed, gadgetry faut pas.

However, the few that were hired eventually became quite successful, and interest in them began to pique. But then the affliction took some of them. No-one knew if it was a natural flaw in their constitution or simply their inquisitive nature, but when the vampiric disease took hold, it had an interesting, if not worrying, effect. They became even more consumed by their work, often tinkering for days without sleep upon various projects at the same time. Their employers quickly learned that if you were to keep them sated with enough blood, the Blood Makers just wouldn’t stop, their work rate going through the roof.

When Jared Scar of the Scarred Hand, first noticed the change in one of his employees, he embraced this dedication and energy, being dhampir himself and understanding the trials that came with such an affliction. It wasn’t long before the Blood Makers were an irreplaceable part of his organization and he employed more of them, eventually becoming the sole client for this new breed. In turn, acknowledging his belief in them, the Blood Makers were fiercely loyal, often moving to the point of violence if necessary to protect the interests of the Scarred Hand.
Kninker sipped from the vial of blood and licked his lips. He felt the energy prickle down his throat and a warmth consumed his belly. It pushed the tired fog from his mind and sent a tingle into his fingertips.

It suddenly became clear to him, the red wire needed to attach to the green node, the white wire to the pink node, and the purple wire to the purple node. It was obvious; why hadn’t he thought of that before? It did leave the beige wire just hanging there, but then it was only beige. Those ones never really did anything anyway.

Tiptoeing through the house, he forced his excitement down. It wouldn’t be good if he woke the others. He carried the device under his arm and could feel the energy pulsing through it from the core. If this worked, it would be fundamental to the future of farming, an absolute breakthrough in cultivation never seen before.

There was a chill outside, and the moon covered the testing area in a pale silver. Kninker peered over the wall onto the sculpted gardens and raised allotment beds below. When the device activated, the whole area would be full of ripe fruits and vegetables by morning, bursting with goodness and flavor. He could barely contain the anticipation that was making his hands shake.

Setting the gadget on the edge, he flicked some small switches, and the low hum grew into a placid whine. Gently pushing it down the ramp, he crossed his fingers, watching it gather speed as it rolled to the bottom. It took only moments for it to land and there was a bright flash, followed by an enormous explosion. Kninker cringed and slowly opened his eyes. The gardens had been utterly destroyed. Not a plant was left standing, only charred stalks weeping tendrils of smoke into the night sky.

Kninker turned and looked up at the house as lamps started to appear in the windows. “Perhaps that beige wire was important after all,” he coughed as the smoke swirled over the edge of the wall and covered him.



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