My Entry for Splinterlands Art Contest - Harklaw in Mosaic

Hello! As my first entry piece for the Splinterlands Art Contest, I decided to make a digital mosaic artwork of Harklaw. The image below is the final artwork:


Without further ado, let's get on to the process!

  1. I started by placing an image of Harklaw in Canva. The image I have chosen is this:


I chose a png file to make sure that the color of the shapes that I will place will never be affected by the background.

  1. I placed triangles on top of image. The color of the triangles placed are based on color of the part to where it is placed.


From time to time, I move the image away from the canvas to check if the triangles are placed in a way that resembles the figure of the original image.

  1. I'm finally done with covering the image with triangles.


  1. I changed some of triangles' color to match it more to the original image.

  2. Lastly, I changed to background color to dark violet.

And that's it! I managed to finish the artwork in three days. The whole process is hard for me, because I only did it in my phone. But atleast, the whole process was fun!

If you guys want a copy of this, you can get it from the following link for only 5 waxp. Currently, there's only 4 of them in the market, but I can mint some more if anyone send a request to me to do so.

That's it for this blog! Thank you for all of your supports!


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