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How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine here is another post about the Splinterlands game in which i will be sharing some thoughts on the chaos legion packs vouchers and SPS staking rewards with a new gladius card.


The Lyverian Sheriffs of Anumün never forget a crook… or a grudge. This is the story of how a young woman stealing medicine turned into a massive inter-Splinter fugitive hunt and brought two powerful civilizations to the brink of all-out war.Read more

As we all know the Splinterland game is experiencing some issues due to which we are unable to complete the quest so better to share something new instead of the quest rewards as here i am going to pick a new gladius card from the brawls edition which is an epic card that you can get by playing the brawls battle inside the guild for full participation and as a result, you will get some merit points based on your winning points through which you can buy packs of gladius edition.



As you can see here from the card states that there is not a market for selling and buying these cards because you can only use them in your brawls battle, not in your ranked battles that is the reason it will be limited to your collection. The abilities of this card are so nice the one is that you can get a powerful range attack with bloodlust that will increase each round when a monster dies because of this monster attack so it will double its statuses like range attack, speed, and its life each round the two more abilities will be unlocked in further levels.



Well, 35 days are left in this event so what you guys are thinking about this event do you have enough staked SPS tokens for buying the packs of chaos legion with SPS? To be honest i am still confused to buy some packs or not because i am getting some vouchers which is not enough for buying packs in a bulk to get benefit from the pre-sale perks because at the end of the month i will have less than 100 vouchers so for buying 100 packs with SPS tokens you need 100 vouchers which is very expensive at this stage so buying vouchers for this pre-sale event will be good or not because it needs lots of investment like you to need round about 5k to 6k hive to buy vouchers and then SPS to participate in the event to get a promo card. However, i will check the market if the voucher's price comes down then i will buy.


Like here you can see it on my dashboard i can buy 1 pack with 4000 credits, 300 dec and 4.841 SPS worth 0.744 USD but you must need one voucher to burn it for buying a pack with all of your assets like credits and dec if you are buying a pack with 4.8 or 5 SPS which is worth $4 nearly and voucher price is $15 the pack that you will get with $19 or $20 so for 100 packs you need $2k investment:)..

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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