Hive Token Spikes + Purchasing SPT Tokens

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24 Hour High: $0.54 USD
24 Hour Low: $0.42 USD
Current Value: $0.45 USD

With the price of the HIVE token going on the upward trend I figured now be a good time to make good on my promise to purchase SPT Tokens with the Liquid HBD earned from my past two posts. The two posts combined grossed just $1.49. Half that went to curators (those who voted on the post). Leaving roughly $0.75 in rewards. 50% of that was earned as Hive Power. The other 50% was earned as liquid HBD. That means we need to purchase at least $0.38 USD worth of SPT. To do that we will be using the Hive Dex known as LeoDex although most (if not all) HIVE Dex's have the SPT token on offer for trades. The current low sell order for SPT tokens is 0.000389. I decided to purchase 2,500 SPT which cost just under 1 HIVE Token. Not much but it adds to the pile I already have staked. Every Staked SPT helps me to support those of you who are on the SPT Content Creators List whom like to create SPT/Splinterlands content. I have also placed some buy orders in preparation of the HIVE Token going on a bull run. Liquid HBD earned from this post will go directly to purchasing SPT directly from the SPT sell wall.