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Here is a collection of posts specifically focused on how we can maximize the tools available via the PeakMonsters platform. This will be regularly updated with new relevant posts about PeakMonsters.

This collection is arranged based on date relevance, with an exception of the comprehensive guides , which are placed at the top part of this collection.
Straightforward guide on what is PeakMonsters and how to utilize this amazing tool
Walkthrough for new players in using PeakMonsters for renting
Learn how to better price your rentals and active key update (video walkthrough)
New solid updates for RENTALS and BIDS
Learn how to increase your collection power efficiently with various PeakMonsters features
Video overview of new useful PeakMonsters tools for buyers
Buy cheaper cards with the Bid Feature
Tips on how to utilize the amazing tools inside PeakMonsters
Learn how to sell cards in the PeakMonsters marketplace
See the new UI changes in PeakMonsters, and additional comparison tools
View Splinterlands' growth via PeakMonsters
Illustration of the new features and improvements in PeakMonsters
Guide on how to use the Rental Comparison Tool in PeakMonsters to save DEC
Step by step guide on quickly listing multiple cards using PeakMonsters
Guide for combining cards, renting/listing cards, and buying/selling cards. Shows example of both Splinterlands and PeakMonsters platform.
Quick guide on how to renew your cards in PeakMonsters
Learn how to quickly list your cards on the rental market (especially helpful for bulk listing)
Guide on how to rent your unused Splinterlands cards
Maximize your rental income using "Check Rental Market" feature
Learn how to utilize the new features of PeakMonsters for card collection power
Complete guide on using PeakMonsters rentals 2.0
Complete video guide how to save time and rent your cards via PeakMonsters
Two-part video showing end of season renting, and new season updates
Discussion on new PeakMonsters updates released last July 15
Video walkthrough for new updates in PeakMonsters rental market interface (posted July 13)
Thorough discussion (with video) on how to use the New Rentals System for Splinterlands cards (posted July 8)
Live presentation of Rentals 2.0 and demonstration on using PeakMonsters (posted July 2)


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