Posts that guide players about CARD RENTALS and card sales in Splinterlands & PeakMonsters


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Comprehensive guides to renting
Good post to start on for those who do not have experience renting using PeakMonsters.
A video guide on how to use PeakMonsters for renting Splinterlands cards
Learn how to price your Splinterlands Rentals smarter and faster (video walkthrough)
Guide on how to use the Rental Comparison Tool in PeakMonsters to save DEC
This post teaches us how to manage our card rentals efficiently using PeakMonsters
Avoid the 4 mistakes shared in this post when renting cards
A discussion about the challenges, the positive effect, and the current situation of Splinterlands card rentals market.
This post will teach you how to use existing resources to identify card prices trends.

Renting for the grind
Great tips on making the most out of your rentals
Through video discussions, the author teaches us how to maximize our deck using PeakMonsters.
This post gives tips to renters who want to move up to higher leagues FAST
Gives us a list of monsters that we can rent to increase our DEC reward per battle

Rental income and cards listing related posts
Helpful guide how we can easily list a lot cards on the rental market using PeakMonsters
A guide on combining duplicate cards, renting & buying/selling cards.
Learn how to sell cards in the PeakMonsters marketplace
The author talks about why you shouldn't just let your cards sit in your account.
Learn how to maximize your rental income using PeakMonsters
A post with video that teaches us how to Buy & Sell cards on the Splinterlands market.
A sample of what players could possibly earn when renting out their unused cards.

I hope this collection helps new and existing Splinterlands players in maximizing the rental and sales features of both Splinterlands and PeakMonsters.


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