Splinterlnads Rewards 25.12.21 - Venari Wavesmith

Hi, friends, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best! Today I made it to the Silver I league, but I finished my daily quest in the Silver II league and was rewarded with three cards:

Screenshot 20211225 at 122941 Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle .png

Since I often play the Water deck I'm especially excited about Venari Wavesmith and its ability to increase allied defense. Sometimes, especially in battles with little mana, it's very useful. Especially when the opponent focuses on archers and quick attacks.

Screenshot 20211225 at 124807 Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle .png

Today I will continue to fight in Guild Brwals and try to return to the Silver I league. There's still a lot of time until the end of the season, but it's better to get the maximum rating early :)

PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish

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