Losing streak using DEATH DECK - Daily Quest [ID/EN]


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Today, I had to fight five battles with the Death Summoner. If you're new to Splinterlands like me and don't have enough NFT cards, just try to guess which enemy summoners use.

DEATH DECK has cards to fight different types of summoners, such as BONE GOLEM to fight WATER DECK, or NIGHTMARE to bypass tank cards and destroy a second enemy line.

below is the video link that has completed today's quest:

As you can see in this video, I was on a losing streak until my rankings dropped. For a free player like me, you just need patience to complete the quest. Of course you can rent cards to speed up the completion of quests, but the current card rental prices are not worth the amount of DEC rewards you get from each battle.

And that's it, I hope you enjoyed it and that it was helpful in some way.

Interested in the game? Sign up using this link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=navre

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