Cost effectiveness of renting vs buying Splinterlands cards


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It's no surprise to say that the recent Splinterlands feature of renting cards has really done a gigantic job when it comes to the card market in this game. Now every person who plays a dozen matches has enough DEC to borrow some good cards for a day or two and see if they play well so we can buy them permanently in the future.

Well, how is it with these cards. Is it better to buy a card forever or rent it periodically? Especially nowadays, when cards have become much more expensive, more in this article, isn't it better to rent cards for two seasons?

I will make a small comparison. We will compare how much we have to pay DEC to rent 10 cards for a period of two seasons (30 days) and the price in DEC to buy cards permanently. The cards I will be comparing are the top 10 most used cards in the Diamond league and the cards will be level one, so as to avoid any errors with the price per BCX card. Prices may vary over time so final results may be different if you want to rent at another time.

Card nameDEC price for rentalDEC purchase price
Furious Chicken150.092908.896
Lord Arianthus836.2217366.539
Prismatic Energy15.631302.49
Gelatinous Cube3182.349
Earth Elemental3.151300.754
Creeping Ooze3489.91
Crustacean King3.241111.458
Ruler of the Seas3298.524139.488
Screeching Vulture3126.602
Failed Summoner3145.879

As you can see from the above summary renting these cards for 30 days or two seasons would now cost us 4318.83 DEC and buying as much as 49074.365 DEC. So by paying only 8.8% of the purchase we are able to play and test the above cards. This is a really good ratio and if we translated the two months into one year we would pay 52545.765 DEC. I don't think many people rent cards for as long as a year but I wanted to give you this example to see that renting cards really does pay off if you are not some avid Splinterlands player and just want to try new cards at a fraction of the cost. I leave the judgement up to you, in my opinion a good deal!

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Thank you and until the next time, Nervi.

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