Rebellion Conflicts: Lorkus AirDrop



The Splinterlands team continues to generate value by distributing new and valuable cards to existing players via AirDrops. This time around, they have altered the mechanics to distribute them using a new system called Conflicts. Instead of directly relying on the amount of packs purchased, we now have to staked these cards in Mage Wagons which we purchase to gain chances for the AirDrop. The way they have mixed the process with the lore has been great so looking forward on how it evolves over the Rebellion edition.

The last AirDrop bring all new excitement for the Rebellion set as it introduces the start of the new Legendary Summoners. These will all be designed by the top purchasers of the Rebellion set during the PreSale last year. From the first views of their stats, they seem like they will be powerful which is well needed. They will also have not only the dual Splinter feature but also the tactics feature which will add more flexibility to the players as the meta is now due to continue shifting.

The first Legendary Summoner AirDrop card, Lorkus will be from the Death and Fire Splinters. It will be similar to the Untamed Legendaries as it will cost 7 Mana to play on the battlefield. As mentioned, it will have the tactics feature but now we get to choose from 2 abilities. In the case of Lorkus, we will be able to choose between Life Leech and Affliction or Trample and Fury. To make these Summoners even more powerful, they will also add 1 stat improvements; Melee and Magic attack for Lorkus!

My completed regular foil deck cannot get me enough for a maxed version guaranteed but with the recent Promo card purchases, I was able to get enough chances to get a guaranteed drop of 11 BCX. Ironically, I only got the minimum guaranteed of 11 but one ended being a Gold Foil. This is great as it allows me to add more points to the Wagons for the next drop. However, it also forced me to go into the market to buy an extra regular foil version. I was surprised to see it priced at around $22 which I immediately grabbed although it was higher from a DEC perspective. Luckily, I had just enough to buy it as soon as I could.

The Rebellion AirDrops have now started so exciting for the community. It may be a while to see the next one but incredible to see the value being built for all the players in the ecosystem. My Collection has continued to bloom despite the markets in the past months. I cannot avoid getting deeper into this and while I am already well past my budget of packs, I am sure there will continue to be reasons to add to the wagons for the chance for more AirDrops even as they slow.

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