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It's all about use case.

If your token has no purpose then it has no value.

I know many here will tell me it's pointless to run ads on things like 3speak, hive and so forth. But flat out ads are the single best thing that provides a core baseline of value to any current social business model.

Ads are exactly what every site on hive needs right now.

Actual revenue coming into the eco-system and if every one of the social apps integrated adds today with a model distribution model like leo plans to do we would see tens of thousands of hive bought off the market monthly and given out to the users with hive already staked to their wallets.

That in itself would be a reason to power up hive and receive a share of the ad revenue.

I've said it to everybody for years including blocktrades, guiltyparties and aggroed for the main hive based sites and the fact the leo are going to do it is what makes me so bullish on the site.

It would have a huge effect on the token price and the eco-system if the main sites like peakd,, ecency and the tribes all did the same and funneled the revenue back to hive holders.

Leo does about 4k a month in revenue. The rest combined would surely do well over 20k a month maybe even up to 50k.

It would also give the community a huge incentive to create more content, better content, evergreen content, bring more people to the site, share their work.

It's the way forward.

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