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Goblins are everywhere in the Burning Lands, but they are all larger and stronger than the Goblins of Anumün. The Goblin Shaman of the Smoldering Forest are especially skilled in slowing and weakening their enemies with enchantments. Many of them can hypnotize with a simple gaze from their blood-red eyes.

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Level 1 - Level 4 ||
Level 5 - Level 10 ||

|| Weaken || Decreases opponent health by 1. Health cannot be decreased if it is 1.

|| Slow || Decreases opponent speed by 1. Speed cannot be decreased if it is 1. This is very important because speed determines who goes first per round and also the hit/miss rate of every monster.

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Rent/buy cost

This is the rental cost of Goblin Shaman at the time of writing this article.
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This is the purchasing cost of Goblin Shaman at the time of writing this article.

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Goblin Shaman is a support monster. Its main purpose is to provide the ability to turn the tides of battle to your favor. Goblin Shaman has two very strong ability which makes him very advantageous in all battles, low or high mana.

Rule Sets

Since Goblin Shaman is a support monster, he's advantageous in all rule sets except for one,

  • Reverse Speed || Slower monsters attack first.
    His slow ability which decreases opponent's speed by 1 is actually helping your opponents in this rule set. Avoid picking him when you have this rule set in place.

You can see the rule sets here.

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This card is most compatible with Sniper builds and Opportunist. Since Goblin Shaman decreases the health of your opponents, it's almost like giving your snipers with 1 extra damage for the first hit. Lower health allows you to execute creatures faster which is the main purpose of a sniper team.

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This is a replay of how I use this card and taking advantage of his great ability.
Click here to watch the replay

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Final Remarks

This card, to be honest, is very good. It has low health, yes, but the weaken ability which decreases opponent health by 1 is always advantageous since that is the main point of the game. Slow is a good ability as well because it allows you to hit first. Goblin Shaman at higher levels allows you to kill opponents before they even get a chance to hit you. A very great card for all your fire building needs.

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If you have any questions, suggested combos, any violent reactions, feel free to comment it down below.

Good day and see you in the Arena.