Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge - The Elven Cutthroat


The Elven Cutthroat is a card that I'm sure almost every Splinterlands player has used at some point in their battling. It is one of the original cards that everybody gets when the purchase the Summoners Spellbook and when you're starting out, the sneak and relatively fast speed can come in handy.

Rules and Set-Up


  • Reverse Speed
  • 40 Mana Cap

Summoner: Malric Inferno
- Position 1: Magnor - To absorb damage with his taunt ability and take the heat away from the rest of the team
- Position 2: Naga Fire Wizard - Slow speed will be an advantage in the reverse speed ruleset
- Position 3: Battering Ram - Slow and can pick off the opponent's weak cards early with the opportunity ability
- Position 4: Elven Cutthroat - Mixing the speed up a little and to target the back of my opposition's lineup
- Position 5: Pyromancer - For the explosion
- Position 6: Ettin Spearman - Slow and 3 damage. Also has relatively high health

This being a reverse speed ruleset, I wanted to get Malric up front so that he can absorb most of the damage while the rest of my slow cards remain safe at the back. The Elven cutthroat would be used to mix the speed up a little in case my opponent had any self healers.

Did my strategy work?

Yes, it worked very well against my opponent. You can see the replay here and the battle was effectively over in the first round as my opponent's Cerebrus died.

The battle only lasted 3 rounds and thanks to sneak and opportunity attacks, none of my opponent's cards were safe and I ended with all my cards intact.

What would I do differently

Next time, I think the Sand Worm instead of the Ettin Spearman would work well. My opponent did look vulnerable at the back and by picking them off using a combination of the Elven Cutthroat and Sand Worm, maybe the battle would have finished sooner.

Do I Like The Elven Cutthroat?


Not really. It is a pretty weak card although if you use it with Malric Inferno and increase its attack to 2 damage, it can take out opponents at the back effectively.

Only at level 5 does it start to get more effective relative to some of the newer cards that are out there like the Coral Wraith. It is one card that has been left behind as Splinterlands evolved.