Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Today my drawing picture "TWISTED JESTER"


Hello friends how are you all.
I hope you are all well in the ego of God.I and your prayers and God's infinite mercy is good. I love to do art. I love to do make an art with pencil first.Today i'm make the "TWISTED JESTER" picture.This picture i look from the splinterlands site. I love to do art.


I will show you step by step today.How did I make this an "TWISTED JESTER". I have used an A4 size paper, a pencil and 8 colours here, Black, Red, Light Brown, Yellow, Pind, Green, White & Blue. Today I will show step by step below. It took a long time to draw the "TWISTED JESTER" , but I managed to draw it. I drew an "TWISTED JESTER" with a full pencil.


FRIST STEP:This is how the "TWISTED JESTER" pencil is drawn, colored.I start drawing with my head. I use 8 colors of face mask. I paint my face mask with Shelai's pencil. I paint my forehead, cheeks and neck with a pencil. I paint my head black, blue and light brown. I dye the clothes below the neck red and pink. I paint red in the middle of the eyes. I paint the bells black, yellow, and white.


SECOND STEP: This is how the "TWISTED JESTER" pencil is drawn, colored. Body cloth is light brown pencil black blue, and white color. I paint the waist belt white and light brown. I paint the bells black, yellow, and white.


THREE STEP: This is how the "TWISTED JESTER" pencil is drawn, colored. 5 colors are made between the two hands. Black is used on fingernails, green on fingers, red on wrists, light brown, yellow, black, pencil and white on wrists.


FOURTH STEP:This is how the "TWISTED JESTER" pencil is drawn, colored.4 colors are used between the two legs. Black, blue, and yellow colors are used in the shoes. Blue color is used on one foot below the knee, and black and pencil color is used on the other foot. Black color is used in the middle of one knee, and yellow, blue and black color is used in the other knee. Is. I use white, yellow, blue, and black above the knee.In this way I finished painting and painting the bird completely. I hope you like it. Thank you all.


Splinterlands social media challenge.Here

Thanks everyone!


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