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Hello there.

Today I'll share my battle under the Armored Up ruleset. But first, I will share some of my thoughts regarding it. With the Armored Up ruleset, all monsters get a +2 Armor buff at the start of the battle. This is similar to using a Protect ability to add armor to your team. This additional armor can be removed with Rust, or Shatter.

In this ruleset, I usually try to use Magic attacks to ignore the extra armor. I also assume my opponent will do the same, so I try to use Immortalis if possible, since Void is good against Magic attacks, and the armor is good against physical attacks.


Of course, the ones above are just guidelines. Since we can have up to 3 rulesets in a battle, these can change quickly. If Magic is not available, I'll probably include a fast Shatter monster to remove the armor before my other monsters attack.

I believe that being flexible in battle is the ideal strategy. Check the opponent's history, check what they are most likely to use, and counter it. But always pick teams that can also counter different strategies.

Without further ado, let's get into the battle.

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The Ruleset

BMS AU Ruleset.JPG

This was a tournament battle, so it was a Novice battle with Equal Opportunity, Armored Up, and Earthquake Rulesets. A 29 mana battle is about the normal amount. I can think of a lot of different strategies for each summoner so I will try to counter as much as I can.

The ideal team for Water is a Diemonshark tank, maybe a Wavesmith for more armor, and a few more magic damage to ignore the armor. Water doesn't have a lot of Flying monsters, so they need to hit hard and fast to win. For Life, they have a fair amount of monsters with Flying, and one with Shatter, so a Flying team is an option, and maybe a few magic damage to also go through armor. For Dragon, I think only Runic Skyclaw is the non Legendary flying monster. So going dragon with life is a good option.

SPL Separator.JPG

The Lineup

Helios 2.JPGIncreases the Speed of ally monsters by 1 and has ConscriptGladiator cards are really strong so I want to use them. I also want to increase my Speed to hopefully attack first.
Pelacor Conjurer.JPGFlyingPelacor Conjurer has Flying and high enough HP for a front line tank. He will be ignored by Opportunity in the backline, so this is the perfect position for him
Celestial Harpy.JPGFlying, OpportunitySince I want my Kra'ar to ramp up, I placed my Celestial Harpy in the second position to take some hits since they have the same HP
Kraar Xoc.JPGScavengerI want the Scavenger to hopefully ramp up and serve as the second tank.
Captain Katie.JPGBloodlust, SnipeBloodlust stacks can help replenish my armor. So I Katie should be safe from the Earthquake if she gets the kills
Venari Crystalsmith.JPGTank HealI want to heal my front tank if possible, and it can serve as the opportunity target if things go bad for my front monsters
War Pegasus.JPGFlying, ShatterMy fastest attack unit, and it has Shatter. I want it to destroy the opponent's armor, so my other monsters can attack their HP directly.

For me, between the lineups I mentioned above, I'd rather go with a Life team with Captain Katie. I want to bypass the opponent's armor with Magic, and hope that my Katie can get enough kills to be safe from the Earthquake damage. My Scavenger and War Pegasus at the back is my second win condition, in case Katie dies early.

SPL Separator.JPG

The Battle

Link to the Battle

The Matchup

BMS AU Matchup.JPG

My opponent decided to go with a Life team with Ilthain. I can see their logic, since a lot of Flying monsters have range attack, so they want to counter that. They went with a full Flying team, except for the Chaos Agent at the back. My Katie should kill the Gargoya Devil in Round 1, so it is really looking good.

End of Round 1


So far so good. My gameplan is working as expected. My Celestial Harpy died but my Kra'ar is accumulating HP. My opponents should now target my Pelacor Conjurer, and my Katie should start attacking their War Pegasus.

End of Round 2


I forgot that I was facing Ilthain, and my Venari Crystalsmith went down to 3 health after the return fire damage. This is still ok, since the opponent's War Pegasus should die next round, and Katie should have enough stacks to win this.

End of Round 3 - 4



At this point in the battle, I am sure to win. My Katie one shots the Pelacor Conjurer in round 4, and the Gargoya Lion the round after that. This is another reason why Bloodlust is so strong. You can use it in the Earthquake ruleset and keep itself healthy.

End of the Battle


My opponent had a good gameplan of using a lot of Flying monsters for the Earthquake ruleset. I on the other hand took advantage of the Armored Up ruleset, and fielded a flexible team. The magic damage ignore the extra armor, and together with the Bloodlust, my Katie was able to get a lot of stacks and just take over the battle.

SPL Separator.JPG

The Result



In tournaments where there are additional limitations on top of the Rulesets and banned elements, I try to make it a point to look at the possible teams and imagine them fighting against one another. I will then choose the team which I think is best. For this specific battle, my opponent used a straightforward team which I think focused on just one ruleset. I took advantage of the Armored Up ruleset, and was able to put out a better team, and one that my opponent wasn't expecting.


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