Documenting My Splinterlands Knowledge - Battle Rulesets and Strategies Part 3

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Hello there.

In my last post I started discussing some of the Battle Rulesets you can encounter, as well as strategies for them. Since there are a quite a few of them, I decided to split them into multiple posts. This is part 2 and I will now continue with the other rulesets.

Rise of the Commons Rise of the commons.JPG

Only common and rare monsters may be used. This is pretty straightforward, and the one with the better summoner usually has the advantage since you can use up to Legendary Summoners.

Silenced Summoners Silenced summoners.JPG

Summoners do not give any buffs/debuffs. This is pretty straightforward. Expect damage to decrease a bit since Obsidian, Tarsa, and General Sloan don't give damage buffs. Water loses the speed and armor buffs. Due to this, a Taunt with Heal and Repair support might be a good option.

Spreading Fury Spreading fury.JPG

All monsters gain the Enraged ability which multiplies their speed and melee attack by 1.5x rounded up. Melee units with high speed and attack are the best choice for this ruleset since they get both buffs. Another strategy is lowering their stats to lessen the Enrage effects, abilities like Demoralize and Slow can help with this. Some players mainly focus melee in this ruleset, but there are other cards with high speed that are also viable. Regal Peryton with 5 speed and flying becomes difficult to hit for Melee monsters after it gets fury.

Stampede Stampede.JPG

The ability Trample will retrigger infinitely as long as the trampling monster keeps killing other monsters. Similar to the Knockout ruleset, this ruleset requires a monster to have a specific ability to trigger. There are only two non-melee monsters that have Trample, so it is a bit difficult to make stampede work since Melee monsters can only attack at the front position. But if it is in conjunction with other Rulesets that let melee attack from anywhere, it becomes stronger.

Super Sneak Super sneak.JPG

All melee monsters gain the Sneak ability. Sneak overrides Reach/Snipe/Opportunity. So if this ruleset appears with the Opportunity/Snipe Ruleset, all Melee monsters with 2 attack types, both attacks will have Sneak. Shield/Flying/Dodge at the last position is a really powerful counter. Since a tank is usually used at the back to protect against Sneaks, going Ranged/Magic to attack the front is a good strategy. If only Melee are available, putting multiple Demoralize with Shield at the back can negate a lot of damage.

Taking Sides Taking sides.JPG

No neutral monsters may be used. This is pretty straightforward. The amount of monsters available are reduced. A lot of Ranged starter/reward cards are unavailable, so General Sloan is weakened a bit. Scavo hireling is unavailable, so tank with support comps are a bit weaker as well. Magic Obsidian is not too affected and might be a good option.

Target Practice Target practice.JPG

All Ranged and Magic monsters gain the Snipe ability. A non-melee monster that has High Speed Flying/Dodge/Void ability is good in the second position. Triage is a viable option to heal the second position tank. You can also just go full melee with a strong front tank to make the opponent focus the front only.

Unprotected Unprotected.JPG

All armor is removed, and monsters cannot gain armor. Monsters with Void armor, high armor, Protect, and Repair are severely affected. Magic comps take a bit of hit, since their attacks usually ignore armor. Shield and Void armor become more important since they are now the primary defense against damage.

Up Close and Personal Up close and personal.JPG

Only monsters with Melee attack can be used. Monsters with 2 attack types that include a melee are very strong in this ruleset. Demoralize is almost required to lessen the opponent's damage. Expect a lot of Sneak/Opportunity, so a Shield monster with low HP like Antoid Platoon at the back is good, as long as you have enough Demoralize to lower opponent's monster damage to 1. Inspire is good a good way to counter the opponent's Demoralize. For summoners, Mylor is a very strong pick, since all monsters have melee attack.

Weak Magic Weak Magic.JPG

Magic hits armor first before hitting the health. Monsters with High armor, Protect, and Repair become stronger in this ruleset since they can mitigate magic attacks. Magic takes a hit since some of their advantage is gone, and they usually have lower stats than others. Expecting more armor from the opponent, monsters with Rust are also helpful to reduce the armor.

And this is the end for the Rulesets and Strategies. For summoners, I think Mylor and Brighton Bloom are really good since they have a large use case, and they have 2 rulesets where they are very powerful. For monsters, renting a wide range is good to account for the different rulesets [Odd/Even, low/high mana, Under 4 mana, Rise of the commons, etc.]. In my next post, I'll try to discuss the different abilities, and some of the combos they have.

As always, these are Not Financial Advice, and Do Your Own Research.

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