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Hello there.

Today I'll share my battle using the Diemonshark. It is a Water, Rare Chaos Legion card. It has 2 Melee damage, 4 Speed, 6 Armor, and 7 HP at 1BCX which is good when you don't expect magic damage from the opponent. It has high stats for 8 mana, and is used a lot in Bronze/Silver league.

The Ruleset:

SYB Diemonshark Ruleset.JPG

We have a medium mana battle with Aim True, and Noxious Fumes Rulesets. Only Water and Death are available. This battle is a Novice Tournament hosted by Splinterlands, so I know there are no Legendaries or Reward cards. I am thinking that there are two common options available. Either go Water with River Nymph, or go Death with Riftwing. Since this is a medium mana battle, I think I will go with Water.

For Death, they can use Cursed Windeku and Riftwing as their win condition. Death doesn't have a lot of high HP monsters, so as long as I can kill the Windeku, I should be able to outlast the Riftwing after I cleanse my front monster. The Deeplurker should be able to deal with their backline.

For Water, I'm thinking they can use Diemonshark front, Flying Squid, Deeplurker, and River Nymph. I need to outlast their damage, as well as be able to kill their Diemonshark on turn 3. I'll use Merdaali Guardian to help keep my Diemonshark healthy, and add some front focused damage.

The Lineup:

Kelya Frendul.JPGGrant +1 Speed and ArmorThe armor protects against the Death Sneaks, and I want to use the River Nymph for the Cleanse
Diemonshark.JPGTrampleHas high HP and Armor, so it should survive against a fellow Diemonshark or Cursed Windeku
Deeplurker.JPGOpportunityThe opportunity should help pick off low HP monsters in the backline
Merdaali guardian.JPGTank HealThe Tank Heal should help my Diemonshark outlast the opponent's Diemonshark
River Nymph.JPGCleanseI need the Cleanse to remove the Poison
Angelic Mandarin.JPG-A 5 HP front damage monster that can survive for a few turns and deal damage
Ice Pixie.JPGFlyingI like the magic damage to front, the Flying to protect against the Death Sneak, and an Opportunity bait

The Battle:

Link to the battle

Round 1

SYB Diemonshark R1.JPG

The opponent decided to use Water as well. I didn't expect them to use Lobstradamus and Wave Brood. They also didn't use the River Nymph for the Cleanse. The opponent's team comp also appears to be lacking damage, they seem to focus on survivability instead of trying to kill the opponent.

Round 2

SYB Diemonshark R2.JPG

My units dealt a good bit of damage to the Wave Brood, and it should die this round. The Lobstradamus was able to deal a damage to my Diemonshark but my Merdaali Guardian should counter that.

Round 3

SYB Diemonshark R3.JPG

My Ice Pixie died, while their Wave Brood and Hardy Stonefish died. Their Diemonshark was healed by their Merdaali Guardian. Looking at the board state, this is looking like a win for me. Their Diemonshark needs 2 more attacks to just break my armor, and their whole team is taking Poison damage and should die in 4 turns. The Lobstradamus lacks damage to kill my Diemonshark within that timeframe.

Round 4

SYB Diemonshark R4.JPG

This should now be a sure win. Their Diemonshark will die without damaging my Diemonshark. Their Lobstradamus will only deal 1 damage to me, while the poison deals 2 damage to it.

Round 5 - 6

SYB Diemonshark R5.JPG

SYB Diemonshark R6.JPG

It was a close fight but we got the win with Cleanse.

The Result:

SYB Diemonshark Result.JPG


That was a very close battle, and my opponent even used 2 Epic monsters. I think the MVPs of this battle were both the Diemonshark and the River Nymph. I think I constructed my team well, and with a solid plan of going for damage. I was able to kill their monsters sooner, and was able to come out with the win.


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Thanks for sharing! - @lenonmc21

It was an excellent battle, but you can put more context in your content and improve the format, I know you can do better.


Thank you. I'll try to expound more, and improve my posts.