SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! Dragons

SYB Dragons.JPG

Hello there.

Today I'll share my battle using Dragon cards. In Bronze and Silver League, I think Dragons are one of the strongest when it comes to high mana battles. A lot of the Chaos Legion Legendaries have high cost, but deals good damage with powerful stats.

The Ruleset:

SYB Dragons Ruleset.JPG

A high mana battle, with Stampede and Close range ruleset. Water, Earth, Life, and Dragons are the available summoners. Since there is a Close Range ruleset, I think the opponent is more likely to use Life Ranged than Earth Magic. Both Life and Earth have a taunt available so I should find a way around that.

For Water, they usually have high Front to back Damage, with armor. It's possible that they use healers to mitigate some damage.

For Earth, they have high magic damage, high HP tank, and taunt, but the other units tend to have a low HP.

For Life, they can output high damage, have high tank, and taunt HP. With Close Range, their Ranged monsters are even more viable. Their backline has low HP though.

For Dragons, this is the wildcard since I'm playing in wild. They can use Melee/Range/Magic Summoners, so I'll try to be flexible.

The Lineup:

Brighton Bloom.JPGAll friendly monsters receive the Flying ability at the start of the battleSince this is a high mana battle, I need to use my Dragon Cards to maximize my mana. I chose Brighton Bloom to help my team evade Melee and Range attacks.
The Kraken.JPGTauntThe Kraken is a high HP, high Speed, high attack, Taunt unit. It costs 12 mana, so it is perfect for high mana battles. The high Speed together with Flying can hopefully make it evade a lot of physical attacks.
Carnage Titan.JPGReach, Double StrikeWith the Ruleset, high mana, and available summoners, I opted to use Carnage Titan to deal more damage. Earth and Life don't usually use their Shields with the current scenario
Chaos Dragon.JPGFlying, ScattershotI mentioned above that Earth and Life usually have low HP backline, as well as having high tank and Taunt monsters. I need the scattershot to bypass those. The magic damage is also good to ignore their armor.
Merdaali guardian.JPGTank HealSince we have a taunt and high HP monsters, Tank heal is pretty powerful. The Kraken heals 4 HP so it is almost equal to 2 small opponent attacks.
Scavo hireling.JPGRepairSince the Tank Heal can help with magic damage, the Repair can help mitigate the physical damage
Axemaster.JPGDouble StrikeSince I already have the Kraken and Carnage Titan, I decided to go full front to back to concentrate my damage.

The Battle:

Link to the Battle

Round 1

SYB Dragons Round1.JPG

My opponent used a Life Range comp with General Sloan. As I expected, to maximize the high mana, the opponent used the Elven Defender instead of the Chaos Knight with Shield [which was also weak to magic if they anticipated me to use magic]. The Shieldbearer was also expected. I can see that their backline has low HP, and 3 of those are in 1 Hit range of the Chaos Dragon.

Round 2

SYB Dragons Round2.JPG

My Chaos Dragon decided to attack the Elven Defender, and my Kraken evaded a ranged attack. The heal and repair are doing work to help keep my Kraken in play. I'm hoping my Chaos Dragon hits a high value target next round to secure the win.

Round 3

SYB Dragons Round3.JPG

My Chaos Dragon was able to hit the Time Mage, and my Kraken evaded a few hits to stay alive. I should be able to coast to the victory afterwards.

The Results

SYB Dragons Results.JPG


I think the winner was decided before the battle even began. My opponent didn't maximize their mana usage, which led to the stomp. For my side, I think I was flexible enough and was ready for the different teams that my opponent can use against me. I had a strategy in mind, and I executed it perfectly, resulting in a no death win.


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