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Hello there.

Today I'll share my battle using the Life Sapper. In Bronze and Silver League, I think Death is one of the strongest when it comes to low mana battles. A combination of Cursed Windeku with Life Sapper can win you a lot of games.

The Ruleset:

SYB Life Sapper Ruleset.JPG

A low mana battle with Earthquake and Rise of the Commons ruleset, with Fire, Life, Death, and Dragon available. Since I have a Brighton Bloom, my monsters will be safe. So I just need to counter what their team can be.

For Fire, they can use Shield to mitigate the Earthquake damage, then damage with Spark Pixies. I would need Speed and Magic to deal with them.

For Life, they can use Pelacor Conjurer, Luminous Eagle, Celestial Harpy, Tower Griffin. Apart from the Eagle, this team deals low damage. I can use Thorns to deal with the two melee, and the Griffin should now be able to attack at the end.

For Death, they can use Windeku with Riftwing and Crypt Beetle to try and outlast the opponent. All are susceptible to magic.

For Dragon, because of Rise of the Commons, not a lot of the strong cards can be used. They can use Drake of Arnak for the armor, but is still weak to magic.

The Lineup:

GF Brighton Bloom.JPGAll friendly monsters receive the Flying ability at the start of the battleBrighton Bloom is one of the best summoners for Earthquake ruleset since she gives your monsters the Flying ability
Cursed Windeku.JPGThornsHigh HP, high speed, has thorns to deal with melee units
GF Chaos Agent.JPGDodgeTo protect my Life Sapper from Snipe and Opportunity
Life Sapper.JPGLife LeechSource of magic damage. Should be able to outlive the opponent if given enought hits
Dark Ferryman.JPGGood cheap, high HP backline to protect my Life Leech from Sneak

The Battle:

Link to the Battle

Round 1

SYB Life Sapper Round1.JPG

My Opponent used a Grandmaster Rathe, which wasn't in my calculations. The shield and void armor counter most of my damage apart from the Windeku. I am happy that I used the Ferryman for the Sneak.

Round 2

SYB Life Sapper Round2.JPG

So I didn't damage his units at all. My Ferryman can take 2 more hits, and my Windeku is still healthy. I would like to note that the Earthquake ruleset states that it does the damage at the end of each round, But it looks like it happens at the start of the Round[Round 2].

Round 3

SYB Life Sapper Round3.JPG

I did some damage to their front tank, and the opponent's backline has lost their armor. After the Earthquake damage, only the Stitch Leech and Silvershield Paladin will survive in their team.

Round 4

SYB Life Sapper Round4.JPG

My Life Sapper was able to get an attack in and gain some life, so it is safe no matter what. I think the MVP is the Brighton Bloom, but I also prepared correctly for the different things that the opponent can do.

The Results

SYB Life Sapper Results.JPG


I did not expect the Opponent's Grandmaster Rathe. I think they were expecting Fire with Djinn Apprentice or Death with Life Sapper/Bonesmith. I think I still played this well because I covered a lot of my bases which gave me the win.


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