RE: Splinterlands SPS Token Why It's Still Under Valued


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Chaos Legion packs are out, and VOUCHER price is slowly going up... I remember my prediction for VOUCHER tokens when I was comparing CL with Untamed price (that was a bit over $40 at that moment) when I said that it will be around $25-$30, just to be a bit cheaper than Untamed packs on Hive-Engine... Well, we are there, and as you said, the price can go even higher...

I like the game, and I have earned by playing it more than I have ever imagined, but I don't like too much "locking" so many different assets in the game... It looks like a ticking bomb that waits to explode... So, things like Riftwatchers edition cards are kind of a need to BURN some of the assets and release the "pressure" and that's great to see that developers are thinking in that way... ;)

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