Splinterlands: The Art of War without $$$: Defeat Alric with a green or white deck


Hello everyone,

Change of register for this new series of articles, we are going to talk about the game NFT Splinterlands. More precisely, about low-budget strategy or the art of winning without breaking the bank.

Starting point:

We will assume that you don't have any card other than the one provided by the game when you create a new account. The general idea is to allow you to earn your first DECs in order to rent some cards and get more powerful. Here I assume that you have bought your "spellbook" otherwise your adventure in Splinterlands will be short-lived!

Know your enemy... :

Too often ignored by novice players, when preparing for battle, you have access to the composition of your opponent's last five matches. The right questions to ask yourself then are:

Is he still playing the same champion?
Does he play a dominant suit?
Which cards are frequently used in these compositions?
Is there a battle with a similar or close cost to the one you are about to make?

The Alric case:

Regularly and from the novice league then bronze, you will be confronted with players who only play this charming bearded man of Alric. It must be said that the guy has what to seduce. He boosts the magic attacks of all the monsters under his orders, magic attacks that I remind you go under the armor and never miss their target. So many arguments that make it a style of play particularly appreciated by new players.


Here are the monsters that accompany our dear old hipster at low level:


This composition will do eight damage per turn passing under the armor, enough to take down the biggest free tank of the early game in one turn. So we need a shot with each color of magic!

It will often be accompanied by a tank like the "Spineback Turtle" to give the wizard time to kill you. More low cost choices like the "kelp initate" or even the "Albatross" are quite possible.


Hum.... not easy to defeat, but what to do! Don't panic, let me show you a good counter.

Team Greenpeace:

So we have to counter the magic which for reminder ignores the armor and hits in 100% of the cases! Here is my typical composition and 100% free with the green color:

First we will choose the charming and efficient Lyanna Natura, she will boost the life of your whole team, the latter will therefore resist longer to magic assaults.


Then the team of the boy scouts of 93 :


Failed Summoner : Must have in 1st line if your opponent plays a lot of magic. It will nicely send the magic damage back to the sender's head, this will have the effect of one shot the "ice pixie" and the "enchanted pixie".

Unicorn Mustang : Excellent tank with good damage and a fast attack speed, it reduces the magic damage inflicted.

Goblin Thief / Goblin Sorcerer : These creatures have the "sneak" ability to go directly into the enemy backline while the Mustang is tanking.

Child of the forest : Same concept as the "Goblins", the idea here is to go and kick the train of the opponent's damage dealers.

Here the most important cards are the "failed summoner" the "unicorn mustang" and the "child of the forest". Add the other two depending on the energy available and the way you play.


You can also replace the "child of the wild" with an "Earth elemental" if you suspect the presence of a monster with the sneak ability in the opposing team.

The clean team:

Well, I see you coming, yes, but "Phanty" I have a “white” quest to achieve and Alric is mean to me ! No stress, let's analyze the possibilities of kicking ass that are offered to us.

We have the choice here between two heroes, Tyrus who gives a point of armor to all our monsters and Khala who gives them an extra point of life. In general, Tyrus is a better choice, but in this case, since magic ignores armor, we will choose Khala.


We now need a team of tough guys able to win against Alric, here is the selection I propose:


Clay Golem : The idea here is to propose a slow tank, but which hits hard and especially resistant to the magic with these eight point of life (seven basic plus that of Khala) and the heal of the "Divine healer" you will have a pillar that your opponent will take a good moment to pass.

Elven cutthroat and Feral spirit: While the golem absorbs damage in the first line, these two cards will be in charge of destroying the opponent's damage as fast as possible by passing in his back thanks to their "sneak" abilities.

Lone boatman : Excellent card for only five of energy, it will go to seek the "pixies" adverse quickly thanks to its capacity of "snipe" which will make it aim in first places the attacks at distance or magicians adverse.

Divine healer : Robust and cheap with the "tank heal" ability, its mission is to keep the golem alive long enough for your own "damage dealer" to destroy the opponent's magic attackers.

In this composition the key cards are the "Clay golem", the "Lone boatman" and the "Divine healer", you must then favor the "Feral spirit" over the "Elven cutthroat", this one is a bit faster.


Another good choice could be the "Centaur" as a complement or replacement for the "Lone Botman".

And that's it, that's the end of this article, which is my first one about Splinterlands. I hope that this one will be useful and will guide you in your beginnings.

If you like this article, don't hesitate to leave me a tip and to subscribe to be informed of my next articles. Don't hesitate to leave me your most beautiful and constructive comments, it's always a pleasure. Thanks for reading and see you soon!


Clay Golem + werewolf and that water starter deck does 0 dmg


Sure but all this card are free with starter deck , werewolf are not


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