Updates: Hive Blog Ads Campaigns


Hello Friends,
Yesterday I posted about my plan to spread the good news of Hive blockchain to many that are not aware of it across the globe through paid ads and through free traffics on other platforms such as Twitter and others. You can check my previous post here : [My Plans To To Create Ads Campaign To Spread The Good News of Hive Blockchain](hive. blog/hive-167922/@polaleye50/my-plans-to-to-create-ads-campaign-to-spread-the-good-news-of-hive-blockchain) I promised to start promoting Hive.blog, Splinterlands, Leofinance and Proofofbrain.io.

hiveblog ads.jpg

hiveblog ads2.jpg

I have started with Hive.blog with 1000 impressions, on Markethive.com before the day runs out Quora Space for Hive, POB, Leofinance, and Splinterlands will be created and the daily view stats report will be posted every day.
Tomorrow all other banner ads and email marketing will start tomorrow to create awareness across the globe.

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