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NEUTRAL Quest Today


Todays Daily quest - "NEUTRAL" - This is the 1st time on the blog having this daily quest so you can see its not one that comes over very often but when it does I’m always very happy to see it. 3 wins needed instead of the usual 5 so closer to that daily reward and you not tied down to any specific splinter. So 4 Matches 3(W)1(L), Like say your not tied to one particular splinter so you can mix and match and thats what I love! For my wins I had "FIRE", "WATER" and "EARTH" I will leave a link below to one of the battles:

Battle Link:

Instead of talking about my 2 favourite cards today I thought id talk about my favourite neutral card seeing I wasn’t able to use it and that’s "GARGOYA DEVIL":


I have highlighted Level 4 as I believe that is the best level to get for bang to buck ratio, 25 copies which on current market analysis will cost $3 or 900 DEC for a standard or $6.72 or 2m DEC for a GOLD FOIL. Whatever one you choose and you will need to weigh up the benefits for you in which you choose as I always say, This card at level 1 is a great card:
- 2 Speed
- 2 Range Attack
- 1 Armour
- 3 HP
With Flight and Close Range so can attack from first position... all that from level 1 which you can pick up for $0.13 or 38 DEC! Its insane and its neutral so stick it in any splinter type! The reason I promote level 4 is for the additional stats but also the "Deathblow" meaning if you get the opposition down to the last card you will then do double damage! This is more than possible to kick in seeing as it can attack from front position and its a ranged attack so you could stick it near the back and more than likely have it till the end! For the cost and stats of this card I’m very bullish on it and have already got my copy to level 4.


So Now Rewards...

Yesterday was alright nothing amazing and today followed suit I’m sorry to say, but we fight on and tomorrow is another day and who knows what we could pull.


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