Splinterlands Battle Challenge- The Sneaky Sha-Vi is skilled like Xavi!

I got a Sneaky Sha-Vi in my team and he is skilled like Xavi! This creature is from the nightmare realm, entity of shadow that can morph into giant snakes (and maybe more horrific creatures). It is known that they travel in darkness and shadow as if each dark corner is a gateway that leads elsewhere. They are like Freddy and have an appetite for slow and creeping deaths, feeding off the escalating fear of the victim. The monster under your bed, the slenderman, the boogeyman... they were probably just a Silent Sha-vi.


The Death Splinter monster costs 5 mana, and brings sneak attacks and tikki-takka battles. I upgraded my Sha-Vi to level 2 for better starts, with 5 HP, 4 Speed and 2 Melee Damage. When the price will drop, I will look into upgrading it to level three.


What is dead may never die! Limited choices for a 13 mana cap battle with normal battle rules, so I went for decoys, delays and deadly sneaky attacks. It's Barcelona style tactic, with the Sha-vi being the brain of the attack - like Xavi!

Contessa L'Ament : -1 Ranged to all enemies

Carrion Shade: Main Tank with Flying

Silent Sha-vi: Melee with Sneak

Weirding Warrior: Ranged with Shatter

Undead Badger: Melee with Sneak


I was fighting a Water Splinter team, which made me think about "what is dead may never die!" - from Game of Thrones! My opponent boosted his monsters with one armor and one speed, hoping to end the battle quick. The Albatross was supposed to slow me down, but was down in the first round. My Undead Badger was devoured by the Deeplurker as well.


The Carrion Shade fly-dodged some attacks while the Silent Sha-vi took care of the Deeplurker in a 1v1 battle. Looks like the tides of the battle turned nice and early in my favour.


The Shade fell in battle but the contribution has huge. It's time for the nightmare creature to deliver terror and death! See the full battle here!


Meanwhile, My Splinterlands journey continues, and I find my track again. Took a while to adapt to the new mechanics and integrate the new cards but I am back again to Silver III. This is the rewards before the new system was implemented, and got myself a Blood Maker and a Ever-Hungry Skull. Blending cards and DEC as a basic reward, and one Legendary Potion to top up.


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