The PVM you may not know - farmer, pet lover and Axie trainer!

This post evolved from a prompt about pets and ended up to be a post about play2earn, Splinterlands and Axie Infinity! When I am not too busy in the Metaverse, I play and feed my cat, but maybe not as often as I take my Axie to battle!


My father was a farmer, his father was a farmer so were many generations before but unfortunately this passion for farming didn't stick to my in my childhood. I think the issue was that I was born in the city, and even if I love nature and animals, I was never fond to spend to many days at the countryside, away from my friends and the comfort of city life.

However, I never refused a task or a job whenever I went to spend some days at my grandparents. I gladly took out dozens of buckets of water from the well, made sure the animals were fed, and helped out with the harvesting as good as a child could do.


I know how to take care of dogs, cats, sheeps, cow, goats and the whole variety of farm birds. Well ...except the turkey because that ugly beast looked like a giant troll through the eyes of a child.

Fast forward to modern days, I ended up to be a farmer ... but not the one with Wellington boots and a straw hat... I am a humble farmer on the DeFi fields. The best part? No rooster to do his cock-a-doodle-doo at 6 AM, no animals to feed on the Binance Smart Chain and hustle free yield farming no matter the weather! Right now I am farming $MBOX on Binance, and I am more than happy with the week's harvest! 


Coming back to little companions, I had a plethora of pets even if I lived in an apartment. My first pet was a cat, a big fat ginger tomcat. It is true that cats have nine lifes, as my cat fell from the 9th floor and survived. He broke his front legs, learned to walk in the back two with support in his tail while having the front ones in casts, and fully recovered in few months.


The next stage was fish tanks, a stage that covered most of my childhood. I had all kinds of fishes, including piranhas. I also had little turtles and even a wild turtle I catch by the river. Unfortunately I don't have pictures with my childhood pets as back then it wasn't all about smartphones, Insta-stories and social media frenzy.

I had bunny rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters and many times I took stray kittens or puppies in the apartment but I was never allowed to keep them. My dad argument was that cats and dogs must stay outside to be happy. As an adult I agree with him but as a child I was thinking different. Slowly technology evolved and when I was 11 or 12, I had my first virtual pet ... Tamagochi! You know what I am talking about? It was a little thing on a key-chain and you had to grow whatever hatched from the egg, feed it, play with it and clean it's mess to keep the pet happy.

At the moment, in real life, I have another big fat ginger cat. He goes by the name of Senor Milky but Sir Milky is also acceptable. I have it since it was a little kitten, white as snow.


Milky was born in 2018, on Christmas day! My little one was very fond of the kitten, until it grew and started to look scratch. Every Christmas we celebrate Milky and we get him a nice birthday gift and some yummy treats.


Senor Milky was the first NFT I draw and minted, a zombified version inspired by Byron's work. Who's Byron? The dude is the coolest NFT artist, the guy that invaded the WAX blockchain with his zombies, zombie cats and zombie pickles!


Don't worry ... Senor Milky is as healthy, fat and lazy as any other tomcat. He enjoys to hide in bushes and come back with branches and rubbish in his fur.


On the blockchain, my pets are not so docile! On Splinterlands they are competing with other players worldwide for supremacy. I reached Silver II once but usually I end up the season on Bronze I and get rewarded with 9 treasure chests. My favorite splinter is Fire but I started being hardcore with Death, after I upgraded my Undead Rexx! 


My pet training skills moved to the blockchain, same as the farming. I am also an Axie Infinity trainer, growing axies and dueling for glory! I started slowly and I've been a stubborn douch as I refused to read any tutorial! Have you ever ended up in a draw? I figured out the battle mechanics quick and my first day playing Axie Infinity was alright!


Time for me to do my daily Axie battles and the Splinterlands weekly battle challenge with the Grumpy Dwarf! What is my strategy with Axie Infinity? It's obviously a good Play2Earn opportunity was added in my daily routine. I try to complete the daily quests but sometimes I am happy yo do the 50 SLP from adventures and stop. Carpe diem and take care of your pets, real and virtual ones! 


Follow my Axie Infinity progress and lots of Play2Earn updates on (and earn Bitcoin Cash)



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