Need to battle with sneak? Choose Tenyii Striker

Hello Splinters
In the new spirit of changes and expectations from splinterlands games, we all continue with the usual programs of the week. The past few days have brought great changes in the splinterland game, migrating its battle-won rewards from dark energy crystal (DEC) to SPS.

In my opinion, the changes seem to be worth it although there are so many things yet to be uncovered. In faith, everything will turn out for the better.

Lest I deviate, it's the usual ritual of share your battle challenge weekly and in the spotlight is the monster TENYII STRIKER. Make it a duty to always check the announcement post for guidelines on how to go about participating in the SYBC weekly.


There is a lot to know about this monster but while I will focus on its stat, you can also have a glance at the lore to know a few histories of Tenyii. Every card must belong to a family and this card in question is not exempted. Found among the fire element monster, TENYII STRIKER possesses one of the most widely used abilities (SNEAK) in the splinterlands game. Sneak monsters can be identified with this symbol 👉


Looking at the above image, you notice that this fire element monster has a total of eight levels with maximum collection power(CP) of 11,550. In the attack section, Tenyii belongs to melee attack monsters which are represented with this symbol from the above image with the number on it indicating how much damage it does to an enemy. These numbers differ in accordance with levels.

The first level of this card starts with two melee damage which increased over the levels to a final five melee damage. Its battling speed also start from two and increased with levels to four as its maximum. Last is its health which is divided equally in half with the first four levels having six and the last four seven.

Brief Explanation of Tenyii Striker Abilities

Targets the last monster on the enemy team
This ability increases its chances of evading melee and ranged attacks
If an enemy hits and misses this monster, the attacker takes two damages.

The Battle

Battle Details
Mana Cap24
Set RulesEqual Opportunity: All Monsters have the opportunity ability
Available ElementsFire, Dragon

Watch Battle Here

Team Arrangement

LEGENDARY Fire Summoner: Of course, I'm still a newcomer in splinterlands so I don't own this card but thanks to the rental market that provides it though at a bit high rate. Three things to benefit from Yodin Zaku are, enhanced ranged damage (+1), enhanced health (+1), and blast for every attack.

ANTOID PLATOON: With the shield ability which results in reduced damage from melee and ranged attacks, Antoid makes a good defence card. It is protected with two shields and has three health for level one. It also battles with one speed and attacks the enemy with one melee weapon

TENYII STRIKER: In my time playing splinterlands, sneak attack monsters are the most frequently used cards. Tenyii is one of the numerous sneaks that has proven very useful. Tenyii stats have already been discussed above and it was used in the second position in this battle to take on the defence role if Platoon gets eliminated first. Also, Tenyii level two was used for this battle.

FIRE DEMON: This was the first ranged attack monster introduced in the battle with its two ranged damage enhanced by the summoner to three. Its mana is also very accommodating with a moderate three speed and five health. It was used at level one and got the third position on the battlefield. It was with no doubt a great contributor to the victory of its side.

SCAVO FIREBOLT: Scavo was that far from fire demon contributions. From it was also two ranged damaged which was enhanced by the summoner to three, two battling speed, and four health. The back seemed the best position for it since it need a range to attack.

The Arising Questions

Did My Strategy Work? "Yes". No one enters a battle with the hope of failure. Good strategy boost confidence although you can't always predict your opponent's move. However, the strategy, coupled with the stats from the summoner did make a very big difference in this battle.

What I Think about Tenyii Striker: Playing with Tenyii on the battlefield gives confidence of victory. The card is a good one that delivers when needed and being a sneak makes it even better. With all those abilities found in the last level of this card, battling at that level will be a beastly fight.

Again, I'm hitting the pause button here for this week. I'd hope to see you next week when I hit the resume button

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