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Hello guys, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog on Splinterlands Weekly Socmed Challenge's Session. For this week Challenge, I want to share about how recharge ability could be a great killer to bring the victory ! Without any further, let's see how it goes !


~Lore of The Ifrit Rising~

Before we start taking about the battle, let's talk about the monster first. For those who loves a story, i bring you the lore of the Ifrit Rising

Ifrit Rising considers himself a demi-god. Huge in size and powerful in fire magic, he travels through underground rivers of magma and emerges from within volcanoes around the lands. In his display of strength and ferocity, anyone near him when he emerges either runs in fright, becomes his meal, or worships him as a god. And he is just fine with any of those options.

For Ifrit Rising knows he is superior to all other beings. He is able to harness fire magic to his command, and is just as deadly in melee as he is at range. He is currently resting deep underneath the Mountain of Ash on Praetoria.

And word has reached his ears that the Chaos Legion intends to enter through his domain and conquer the Splinterlands. Ifrit Rising sees this as another opportunity to have more mortals worship him, and claim more dominion for himself. So he is happy to help the Chaos Legion in any of their endeavors..

Source: Lore


General Information About Ifrit Rising

Now that we knew about the lore of this monster, let's have a look at his stats and ability. The information about this monster's stats and ability are shown below


Ifrit Rising is a legendary fire monster that came on the Chaos Legion Edition. He becomes noticable due to his ability which is new on that time, a recharge ability, which allow him to deal x3 damage with an attack each 2 turn. He cost 8 mana which is pretty high and suitable for medium low mana cap. Starting with 2 magic damage, this monster could land 6 magic damage each turn without buff or debuff. His magic damage is become 3 at 2nd level until maxed level, so on 2nd level, he already had 9 damage spam each 2 turn without buff or debuff. Enough to kill most monster with medium low mana cost, because magic damage could hit through armor directly. He got 3 speed and 7 health at the 1st level that stand him with strong enough stats to stand some sneak monster which cause him suitable to stand on the back. His survival ability is even better at maxed level with the forcefield skills that could nerve any damage with 5 or more damage into just 1 ! Hello sandworms ! There is speed change at any level, and just 1 health different at level 3 (not an upgrade with full benefit).




Battle Link:

My Lineup's Explanation :

Rules :


Before we discuss about the formation, here is the rules for this match
Silenced Summoner : Summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs or grant/use any abilities. BUT they are still giving impact with their level that limit the monster level.
Fire and Regret : All monster have return fire ability. Time for melee and magic!
46 mana cap: High mana cap, suitable with the ifrit rising. Let's bring him on !
Splinter available : Only Fire and Water splinters are available.

Summonerimage.pngPiercing DamageGiving no buff since he got silenced. Got disadvantage since i've got no lv 4 rare summoner while facing enemies with lv 4 rare summoner.
Tankerimage.pngPiercingGot high damage and armor, suitable for giving damage to enemies and stand against physical monster (i expect enemies using reach monster because range monster get disadvantage
2nd Monsterimage.pngReachHelp giving damage from second position with it's reach ability
3rd Monsterimage.pngReachAnother monster with reach ability. Prepared the death for the tank, i try to cover with another reach ability to give another melee damage to front enemy.
4th Monsterimage.pngDemoralizeWith range monster having disadvantage, i expect enemies using magic or melee, and his demoralize skill is very important to nerf enemies melee attack by 1.
5th Monsterimage.pngRechargeMy main monster today, the only magic monster i've got. Ready to give high burst damage.
6th Monsterimage.pngShieldThe only range monster i've used on this battle. With shield skill, he could nerve any physical damage (include the return fire) by half. Put him on last position to stand against sneak monster, because there is no range monster, melee with sneak is having high chance to play.

I would also talk a little about my enemies lane up, but won't too detailed as my lane up, just a my point of view in general about his lane up.


I don't know if what i face is human or a bot since there is a unique id that indicates it's a bot, but i thought that the way it build the lane up is pretty good and not just randomly put the monster without looking at the ruleset such as some bots. Larva golem is standing on the front with is shield ability that could nerve any physical attack that comes from the front. Next to him is the disintegrator that nerve all my melee monster's damage by -1. On this ruleset, the best choice is melee or magic, so disintegrator is a smart choice to nerve the melee monster. Standing third is djinn apprantice that having 3 magic attack ! Such a scary hitter they've got on there ! And the positioning is good enough to survive, because it's the safest position remembered that there is a high chance of sneak monster will take action on this ruleset. On fourth and fifth position, there is a magic monster with 1 magic attack to help spamming magic damage. There is no significance effect since they only got 1 magic damage. I think they are placed on those position to cover the djinn apprantice. And the last one is the sneaker from fire edition that having 3 melee damage and 6 health. Solid monster to stand some turn on the back while giving high damage to my backline as well.


Does My Strategy is Worked ? :

If you want to watch the battle, please click the link of battle replay i've mentioned above.

The battle scene are also shown on gif below: (56).gif

On 1st round, all debuff are applied, both teams are having their physical damage is decreased by 1 since there is demoralized from the disintegrator and molten golem. No monster is getting eliminated as ifrit rising is still recharging for the upcoming attack on second round. (57).gif

On second round, ifrit rising is taking the first turn as he burst 6 magic damage to the Larva golem that couldn't resist it's magic damage and sent to the graveyard. On my side, the goblin mech cannot resist all those magic spam as well and left the battlefield after the larva golem. (58).gif

On the third round, the Ifrit Rising is on recharge position again which cause my side is on disadvantage condition after 2 monster (radiated brute and cyclops) got eliminated as well. On the other side, my enemy still got all 5 monster on his side. It's a 3 vs 5 situation for me now ! (59).gif

Coming on 4th round, the ifrit rising is back with the magic burst that eliminating the disintegrator and hopes for changes. Unfortunately, my giant roc is got eliminated as well. But what comes next is giving a positivity since the one that comes front is molten golem that having twelve health point. (60).gif

On 5th round, my enemies got 1 monster eliminated followed by 2 monster on 6th round while my teams are stand still with 2 monster. Till the end of the round, molten golem are able to survive with his high health point and with help of ifrit rising, the last monster is eliminated with just a single burst damage. Sweet victory !


Discuss About Ifrit Rising :

What I Like About Ifrit Rising:
One thing for sure is his recharge ability that could give massive damage (x3 damage in just 2 turn). This is means you could save 1 round because you only need 2 round to deal damage that should be given in 3 round. And the recharge ability are very usefull when facing monster with heal ability or support since you need to kill them immidiately before they got healed. Burst damage from recharge often kill enemies in just a single attack! Other things that i love from this monster is even his offensive power is very high, his defensive side is not that silly such as some monster with high damage but having ridiculous health. Ifrit rising is having average health point and got the forcefield at highest level to help him survive.

What I Don't Like About Ifrit Rising:
Recharge is like a double side knife, could be a great weapon yet could hurt you as well. Let me explain why, his recharge ability will cause him to deal damage each 2 turn which mean you will lose 1 turn to attack, and on most battle, the first attack on first round often could bring a victory because you could eliminate some monster with it. And the rechage cause him often missing chance to attack as well because he could get eliminated while recharging. The ultra high damage by recharge also not needed sometimes because like the battle i've shared, some monster just need to get 1 damage to eliminated because their health is just that low. So you might ended up bursting damage into a monster with just 1 hp left 😅

When to Use Ifrit Rising:
On high mana cap level where the monsters are having high health and you need high damage as well to elimiate them. You need burst damage as well when you think you might facing those monster that having shield ability or monster with heal support that hard to be killed by low damage. On back to basic attack ruleset, ifrit rising might be usefull as well to spam magic damage without having to recharge. And on no melee ruleset, he is surely one of the best choice there.
What to avoid Ifrit Rising:
Low mana cap surely not suitable for him since there is many monster with better ability and skill on those situation. And be carefull with weak magic ruleset, his burst magic damage might ended up just hit enemies armor without hurt them any health point. And watch out for the forcefield ! His damage might ended up with just 1 damage ._.

What would i do next ?
I would always consider to use this monster on high mana cap, and getting him with tank that great against magic damage such as Agor Longtail that also having the Taunt ability will be great to makes sure Ifrit rising is having enough time to burst enemies with his magic recharge damage.



Ifrit Rising is a powerfull legendary fire monster that suitable on high mana cap. He got ultra high damage that could killed many monster in just single attack which is very usefull to eliminate enemies that having heal or supported with it. But remember that he having a delay to attack because he need 1 round to recharge. Be carefull not using him on weak magic ruleset and enemies with forcefield.


Final Words

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