Featured Gladiator - Sarius

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Now with Splinterlands having featured monsters for the week, I feel that the Gladiators are not receiving enough attention so therefore, I shall write a post to feature a Gladiator!

Alright so recently, I bagged a golden gladiator when I opened a Gladius Case. A golden Sarius! Now it is a rare, so a golden rare provides a whopping 2000 Power. Boy, I could really use that Power. Am always having problems with Power. Exceeded my ratings for the tier by manifolds, but missing out on the Power to reach the next tier.

Now just by looking at the stats, there isn't anything much. Here is the breakdown.

Card Name: Sarius
Mana Cost: 3
Rarity: Rare
Splinter: Fire
Abilities: Bloodlust, Poison
Level: 2
Speed: 3
Type: Ranged
Damage Per Turn: 2
Edition: Gladiator

Now if you have not spotted by now, this Sarius cost only 3 mana! Though it is not particularly impressive in other stats at low levels, but the fact that it is only 3 mana is a different thing. For matches with "Little League", many a times the monsters have low damage. Thus, a 4 health is likely to be able to sustain damage more than once! With 3 speed, likely it can attack first and with 2 damage, it really isn't that bad. When Bloodlust kicks in, the speed gets faster and faster meaning it will have higher dodging abilities and a higher accuracy of hitting.

I have yet to use this previous Sarius but I guess if there is a Zaku out there, this Sarius will be an insane terminator that can very easily wipe the entire opponent's board in an instant!

Now, I am not touching on the Poison ability because it is level 5 and above. Meaning, it will be months or years before I can even reach there.

What do you guys think about Sarius?

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Thank you so much
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