Legendary, Again!


Screenshot 2022-08-13 at 1.37.08 AM.png

Alright so today, I am really really lucky once again. In fact, I can literally tell you the sequence of event.

So I was trying to fight my battles and reach the next chest before the daily quest ends. In fact, I fought till the very last moment. As I had to be somewhere else for a formal event function, I literally input my lineup, and didn't had the time to look at it. I was just a couple of points shy from the next chest, with perhaps less than a minute left.

I literally did not have the time to see it. I just hoped for the best. By the time I was able to check my phone, a couple of minutes passed and it was too late, time to open the chest. But I realised, I won the last match and was able to get the next chest! So yay!

While opening, it was pretty lacklustre at the start. Normal chests, simple common cards. As I reached the tail end, I thought that was it. But when I clicked the last chest, it started shaking. SHAKING!!!

And voila, a legendary! In fact, I am very thankful as I have yet to have this! This is the first time having him around! I have seen opponents using him on various occasions and I think the Reflection Shield ability do come in handy during specific match conditions! So yes, really happy to get this new guy. It was literally a clutch match, and a clutch chest opening. Whatever the case, I got myself a new legendary and I am awesomely happy!