Weekly Challenge - Dhampir Stalker



Ok, so here is another week of challenge, and I would say this is definitely way more manageable. So here we go!

Card Introduction

Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 11.04.09 PM.png

Card Name: Dhampir Stalker
Mana Cost: 7
Rarity: Rare
Splinter: Death
Abilities: True Strike
Level: 2
Speed: 3
Type: Ranged
Damage Per Turn: 3
Edition: Chaos Legion

Direct Battle Link


Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 11.07.00 PM.png

Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 11.07.22 PM.png

Match Condition

Spreading Fury
Keep Your Distance

My Battle Strategy and Cards Placement

This was a pretty unique set of match conditions, and I would say it definitely is not the easiest. With so much mana available, it really unlocks all the freedom to place the best monsters forward. My idea was, to have my first 3 monsters as tank, to sustain as much damage as possible, whereas my back 3 monsters deal as much damage as they possibly can.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes! It is definitely a close call, but a win is a win! Haha. I guess the only thing I would change is ironically, Dhampir Stalker himself. Now nothing wrong with it, just that due to the speed being 2, my Gladiator has a higher speed and tend to just be hitting the opponent's armour, voiding the bloodlust abilities all in all.

MVP - Ancient Lich

Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 11.12.25 PM.png

Dealing 3 damage per turn, having his health increased per turn, able to fight as the first monster. Seriously, what else can we ask for?

Do you like the Dhampir Stalker? Why or why not?

Yes! Though we are unable to see it's true capabilities this time round, but it definitely is a huge monster. Also, I have a golden copy of it, meaning I would be able to earn way more FP each time I use it. So, why wouldn't I like it then?

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Thank you so much
(Photos and gif I used in this post are taken from splinterlands.com for this post purpose only)


Morning man! Thanks for your good quality content posted in the THGaming community! In my opinion True Strike is a great ability in the speed meta that we are. So +1 for Dhampir here! Cheers! $Pimp


Yea! even with dodge it is a definite hit! Under the right conditions, it is indeed a sniper!