Weekly Challenge - Stone Golem


This week's challenge is no fun, no fun at all! Haha. Now, somehow for some reasons I am fine with using all the Splinters, just not Earth. Each time there are Earth Quest, I would just conveniently hit the refresh button. At high levels Earth Splinter are awesome, with the likes of Kron + Llama Combo. But at low levels and stock summoners, it is just infuriating to be using the Earth Splinter.

Being a good sport, I waited patiently until I met someone who uses Stone Golem, so as to be able to fulfil this theme. So without further ado, the match against Stone Golem!



Now this is a typical match of how I would have had lined up if I were to be using an Earth Splinter, just that I do not have a Mylor Summoner. This pretty much hints how poorly equipped my Earth Splinter is.

Now I am thankful for having an insanely strong Loaned Summoner (Lir Deepswimmer), which provides 2 armour and more significantly, "Return Fire". Seeing that the opponent's lineup is filled with ranged monsters, it is really a nightmare for my opponent.

Do watch the entire match, it is a relatively short one. With Serpent of Eld as my tank and coupled with the "Dodge" ability, it is a true nightmare as it dodges many physical attacks while at the same time dealing damage to ranged monsters if they even manage to land a hit on him. Axemaster who is the last monster in my lineup, will slowly mow the enemy lineup off each turn. With "Double Strike" and a speed of 4, many a times it often starts first and finishes the enemy before their turn begins!

Now will I use Stone Golem? Yes and No. If with the current assets that I have now, definitely no. But with the right summoner, and a high level Stone Golem, I would definitely give it a go. With the right cards Stone Golem can be a really tough monster!