Battle Challenge - Hill Giant

Hello community, I share a new battle participating in this week's challenge, this time about the Hill Giant card from the new Chaos Legion Edition of the Splinterlands game.


Hill Giant is not a card that I use very often due to its low Mana and Melee attack, however it is a very interesting card for spending little Mana, important in battles with reduced Mana.
In its initial level its highlight are its Health points but as it evolves its attributes evolve and eventually gain Stun ability at level 6, a very important ability preventing the attacked card to attack.
Its weak point is not having Armor, but it can be gained by combining cards with the Protect skill even in battles with low Mana, such as Queen Mycelia.





For this battle we had as a set of rules only use cards that spend four or less Mana, and the Magic attacks hit the Armor first with their attack.
These battles are the most difficult because we are limited to Mana when choosing cards and the Buffs and Debuffs make a lot of difference in these battles, and therefore make them very complicated. Besides that it is important to play at the maximum level of card evolution that the league allows, because every little difference makes a big difference in battle.

So in this battle, even though it wasn't the best option to use Magic attack cards because of the rule set, I chose Obsidian Summoner because it had important cards for my Magic attack formation.

my team.gif


To lead my formation I chose Hill Giant because he had a lot of Health points that allowed him to deal with some attacks.
To replace him, and although he couldn't attack until he was in the first position, Xenith Monk with Heal skill allowed him to keep the front line with a lot of Health



The first positions would be protection, the remaining positions would be attack Magic.
First Spirit Shaman having the Divine Shield skill allowed him to suffer an attack without suffering damage to his Health.
Next Queen Mycelia with the Protect ability allowed all my cards to have Armor, which would protect their Health if the opponent chose a Melee or Ranged attack card.



To finish two cards that I use to try to protect from Sneak attacks, with Spirit Hoarder in the fourth position having Triage ability that will heal the defensive card that suffers the most damage, and in the last position Doctor Blight as it cannot be attacked, the attacks directed to the last position hit Spirit Hoarder, which allows it to heal itself.
Doctor Blight also allows his attack to cause Affliction, preventing the attacked card from being healed.



Full Battle Here

The opponent has chosen a very interesting Summoner for low Mana battles, Waka Spiritblade where the cards gain Posion ability and where it has a chance to apply Poison which makes the battle very difficult to deal with these negative effects.

Despite its reasonable level in the cards chosen, its worst card is the Xenith Monk tank position because in the initial level it has no Heal ability, where I think it is a big weak point in the strategy you chose for the battle, because the remaining cards besides its strong attack that can apply Poison will make the battle very complicated.

Starting the battle, my cards have armor where they have protection from the opponent's initial attacks, and my attacks can take out Xenith Monk.
Due to Poison, starting the second round, my cards Hill Giant and Spirit Hoarder take two damage, and this will ruin my strategy of protecting Sneak attacks, because Spirit Hoarder will not be able to heal before being attacked, and all due to Poison which changes the course of the battle.

On a positive side, the strength of my Magic attacks allows me to eliminate Riftwing which will make a big difference in the course of the battle.

Starting the third round my card Xenith Monk ends up taking the tank position, and again the power of my accurate attacks allows me to eliminate Venari Bonesmith, where Twisted Jester leads the opponent's team and can no longer attack in this battle.


From this round on the battle is given as won, because Doctor Blight does not suffer any attacks until he occupies the tank position, and deals two damage to the opponent.

Even if Uraeus applies Poison, my Xenith Monk card allows me to take damage while Doctor Blight is attacking, so I end up winning this very demanding battle.



I think the opponent's strategy is quite interesting where he just failed to have Xenith Monk at the initial level, with the cards he used in the battle, he wouldn't spend much DEC renting Xenith Monk at level 2 that already had Heal ability.

His very aggressive cards made the battle very difficult where he protected his attack card Ranged with Venari Bonesmith in front of him having Life Leech ability, and before Riftwing with Scavenger gave great security in terms of card Health, which would increase.

But it had no protection against Magic attacks and that allowed it to eliminate the opponent's cards, and Xenith Monk allowed it to hold the front line and thus protect the Magic attack cards.


Thanks for reading until the end, i hope you liked my post.
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