Learning from Losses (#2) The Best Standard Selection for Equalizer?

Coming up against one of the best players like @jacekw is ONLY going to happen to me early on in the season, before he disappears off to C1 and I get stuck battling with everyone else with lesser decks.

But, putting the fact that I was never going to win aside because of the card imbalance, and probably wouldn't win against him even if I did have a maxed deck, it's interesting to see what a top player chooses as their line up

The Rule Set - Silenced summoners and Equalizer

Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 20.59.55.png

So what we've got here from the player who finished in number one position last season is possibly your best shot at winning with Equalizer...

  1. Lord A in first, standard.
  2. Cornelus in second, also standard.
  3. Centauri Mage - a nice paring with the Spirit
  4. The Sporcer - Ideal buffs for this ruleset.
  5. Sandworm - kind of surprised me.
  6. Spirit of the Forest - Perfect pair with Cornelus.

Anything surprising here?

Well for me, yes, sneak and snipe together in Equalizer - I personally avoid them in this ruleset, thinking it's always better to pound one monster at a time.

Everything else makes total sense.

I might have to give that sneak, snip strategy a try... if it works for JaceKW it can't be far wrong, with this exact ruleset of course?

NB I usually win with this ruleset.

However the ONLY strategy I've got against such a player is play some 'good but odd' cards in the hope that it left-fields him, I'd usually always aim to play affliction, poison and cleanse in equaliser but just went with a slightly more random selection, it didn't work.

It's all part of the game.