Learning from Losses (#3) Commons and Blast strategy...

Man I took a pummelling this morning, I don't remember the last time I lost five battles in a row, so plenty to learn from.

I always find the most informative losses are those in which both of you play the same Splinter, and this loss, against @steemitromney was no surprise:

Featuring two of my least favourite rule sets combined, commons only and blast, the outcome was basically inevitable (yes I lost, bad!) but I also learned a lot:

Screenshot 2021-08-04 at 16.31.20.png

Lessons as follows:

  1. It doesn't pay MOST of the time to be lazy in low mana battles with Legendary summoners!
  2. A decent low mana defence with Earth is Failed Summoner (OK I only have mine at L6, but still decent) and Earth Elemental, especially with blast (a card I usually avoid playing as it just misses too much, but I guess repurposing it here as a kind of no attack tank which heals and hits against slow opponents, OK, good idea!
  3. Double heal and triage - well I always play the Khmer princess, so I'm down with this.
  4. Finally the Vulture Brownie combo, I also use this A LOT, so great!

Most important lesson: a decent double tank strategy for low mana battles with earth, especially good for blast is..

  • Failed Summoner and Earth Elemental!

Registered in my brain-thing for similar battles in the future!

And here's the application, a few hours later.... although I'm not sure it's a real test, I think my opponent had a bit of a crazy moment!


Thanks for the tips...Think that we are all trying to learn from our defeats😀