Confront the Legendary Earth Element. SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge!


In battle, the combination of Kron the Undying and Scarred Llama Mage is extremely difficult to defeat. Due to the mutual power of recovery and magical attacks. However, if these forces can be stopped from working, we will be able to achieve victory.

I will describe my battle against the most powerful combination of earth elements. Kron and Llama

Dealing more damage than recovery abilities is the key to defeating these combinations. In this battle, We will employ the element of death and rely on the archer line. There is also a poison ability that would be used to counteract healing abilities.

The scarred llama mage is a legendary summoner with the ability to add two health points for each monster he summons. There is also the ability to give monsters in the front row last stand skills and clear all debuff effects. This Summoner has a good chance of winning every battle if you use it.

And the Kron the Undying will surely benefit from the combination of summoner scarred llama mage. That's because it can recover health each round. So, if the kron receives assistance from the last stand, magic attacks and health points will increase, destroying the enemy even if they have a shield.

You can win a lot of battles simply by renting these two cards.

But how do you overcome that two-card combination?

  • The key is to decrease magical ability.
  • Reduce the kron's ability to recover health points.
  • And provide more damage power than recovery power.

If those three points are followed, you will defeat the kron and llama combination.

There is an additional rule in this battle called armored up, which grants all monsters a 2 points shield. That rule will benefit monsters with magical attacks. From the three elements that can be used, I predict that the opponent will employ the earth element.

I use a magic reduce with the death summoner Thaddius Brood for this.


The monsters have been summoned to the battleground. With 34 mana points, the Scarred llama Mage could only summon three monsters with large mana: The Kron the Undying, The Goblin Towers, and The Grund. Kron the Undying is always positioned at the end of the line, just like in other formations, to maximize the effectiveness of the last stand skill.

I called the Venari Bonesmith, who can poison attacks, the Bone Golem, which can diminish magic attacks, and a group of archers, including Lira the Dark, Soulstorm, and Dhampir Stalker.

The Grund attack on the Bone Golem was ineffective in the first round because the Bone Golem obtained a bonus shield. Along with arrow attacks from the Goblin Tower that failed to eliminate the Bone Golems in the first round. While the archer's attack from Thaddeus Brood's side was effective in breaching the Grund defense.

The Grund was eliminated in the second round, allowing the Goblin Tower to advance to the front.

Because the arrow attacks did not work in the front row, combined with the poison effect from the Venari bonesmith attack, the goblin tower became helpless. While the Bone Golem remained in the front row.

Kron the Undying is the last monster left after the destruction of the Goblin Tower. The last stand ability is activated. Krone the Undying has an immediate increase in magic attacks, speed, and health to 17 points. The bone golem was instantly destroyed by Kron the Undying's attack.

If Thaddius brood has no magical attack reduction effect, Kron the Undying's attack amount is four attack points. Kron the Undying will undoubtedly defend against many monsters, thanks to the recovery of health points by 5 points each round.

Kron The undying, is overwhelmed by the life leech and poison effects of the Venari Bonesmith. Additionally, an archer assault with eight attack points is available. The assault immediately depletes the Undying Krone's health points. Kron the Undying won't be able to hold out for very long in this battle because the quantity of recovery is not equal to the attack received.


The strategy to defeat that combination of Kron and llama was to reduce his recovery abilities and magical attacks. In general, Kron is always placed in the last position. The goal is for Kron to be the last monster standing. Other monsters seem put in the front position just as a sacrifice.

If you don't want to use the front attack method, you can use monsters that attack from behind or have a snipe skill. And kill Kron the Undying before the last stand effect comes in.

Using the strategy described above, you can put a tank monster in the front position that can withstand magical attacks. Then apply the magic attack reducer. Use a health recovery blocker as well. Finally, make Kron the Undying's receive damage power greater than its recovery power. Then you can easily defeat Kron the Undying and Scarred Llama Mage.

🍃 Much appreciated. Terima kasih banyak. Muchas gracias. 🍃

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