SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! The snake that creeps up behind you.



Hello everyone, in this article I'll be returning to the @splinterlands challenge. Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge , to be exact. The topic for this week is SILENT SHA-VI.


The Silent sha-vi is associated with the death element. The level of rarity for obtaining this card is common. This card, with a total of 5 mana points, can be used in moderate and high mana point battles.


The Silent sha-vi card's initial ability is sneak, which allows it to attack the opponent at the back of the enemy line. At level 6, or after combining 100 cards, you will gain the ability to cripple. If you combine 400 cards, you will obtain the highest level of the silent sha-vi as well as additional piercing abilities.

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This combat gives 60 mana points, making it eligible for inclusion in the large mana battle. The monsters that are used have a wider range of options. As a result, I chose the death element over the water and dragon elements. because I created this death deck in comparison to other elements.

There are some extra rules, such as weak magic and heavy hitters. The disadvantage of this additional rule is that monsters who use magic must be limited by the amount of shields held by the monsters they assault.

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All summoner and monster effects are applied in battle at the start of the first round. Both sides use summoners of the same type, Thaddius Brood, which reduces health and magic points. Fortunately, I did not use magic monsters with two magic attack points. As a result, the summoner effect only impacts each monster's health points in my deck. The number of attack points from the silent sha-vi decreases because the enemy uses the disintegrator.


The initial attack starts. The lira the dark attacked right away. The silence sha-vi then follows. The poison effect was also added directly to the cursed windeku by the venari bonesmith. However, due to the mantoid's strike, one of my monsters, the spirit hoarder, was knocked out instantly.


The cursed windeku was poisoned in the second round, but still survived. The dark lira pounced on a perfect opportunity and attacked the silent sha-vi, successfully removing him from the combat. After that, the Mantoid returned to slay one of my monsters, the Scavo hireling. Even though the thorn's impact reduced the harklaw's health by one point, the harklaw directly attacked and defeated the cursed windeku.


The dark lira attacks again in the third round, then gets rid of the mantoid from the battle. The dhampir stalker was assaulted by the silent sha-vi, who managed to diminish his health by two points.

The Venari bonesmith hits the Bone golem, but since the Bone golem's void ability, the attack is ineffective. Fortunately, the poison attack affected the Bone golem's body. The Harklaw was likewise knocked out of the combat by the Bone golem's onslaught.


The lira the dark defeated the dhampir stalker in the fourth round. The health of the bone golem has been reduced by two points due to poisoning.


In round 5, you can see for yourself the battle whose winning end is near. The silent sha-vi was confronted with the disintegrator.

I won this battle with three monsters left in my deck, thanks to other monster attacks.



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Is my plan working?
Considering the additional rule of weak magic, I placed the harklaw in front. Because, in addition to a shield, there is the ability to reduce melee and ranged attacks. I placed the spirit hooder in the second position to heal the monsters at the back. The silent sha-vi is placed to rip apart the opponent's monsters in the back. And a scavo hireling to assist in the harklaw's holdout. I also put the Venari bonesmith in front to poison the enemy monsters, while the lira the dark was the first to attack.

My strategy is working pretty well so far in the fight. I just didn't anticipate the spirit hoader being knocked out so quickly. The harklaw's attacks and ramparts proved effective against the initial attacks. While the silent sha-vi also drove away all of the monsters in the back. Finally, the battle went according to the strategy I devised.

Do you enjoy using The Silent Sha-vi?
The Silent sha-vi has earned the title of dangerous monster. With the level 3 card, this monster already has a melee attack power of 3 points and a speed of 4 points.

I like to use it to attack to behind the enemy deck. Especially ranged monsters, which are typically placed at the back of the enemy monster line. And the outcome always alters the course of the battle.


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