How To Advance To The Top Leagues In Splinterlands And The Advantages Of Being In The Top Leagues

I started Splinterlands game about 3 months ago. I've played in the Bronze league so far. When I started the game, I knew almost nothing about the game. Within 3 months, I improved myself in the game and every day Splinterlands became more exciting for me. I believe that I have enough knowledge and experience for the bronze, so I decided that it was time to go to the higher leagues. First of all, I thought that I would move up to the silver league and gain more experience there and improve myself in the game more.


Leveling up in Splinterlands is based on rating and power points. In other words, you can rise to the highest level possible according to your power and rating. Rating points increase as you win battles. Power increases with the size and quality of your card collection. You also earn rewards based on the league you play in Splinterlands. In other words, the higher your level, the more rewards you will earn.


When we examine the silver league details as an example in the picture above, we can see the rating and power required under each level. These are the levels that you can rise according to the power and rating you have. Similarly, you can examine other league details.

If you win most of the battles at your current level and your rating is sufficient to go up to higher levels and you don't have enough NFT cards, you cannot advance to higher levels. In this case, if you want to rise to higher levels, you need to buy or rent NFT cards. Currently, buying NFT cards is quite expensive compared to leasing. If you are thinking of investing in the future, it is quite reasonable to buy an NFT card, but if you are only thinking of leveling up, I think it is more rational to rent it. You can check the markets to rent or buy NFT cards.

I've always played in Bronze. I started to win many battles in the Bronze League, my rating was enough to play in the Silver League. In fact, my rating is enough to go up to Silver I level. But because I didn't have enough power, I could only go up to Bronze II. So I rented new NFT cards. With a good review and patience, it is possible to rent or buy the best cards you need from the market at the most affordable price. I will not explain all the cards one by one, I will only explain in the simplest way. As I said, the wisest thing to do is to rent or buy the cards you need.

To rise to the silver rank, you need to have a card collection of at least 15,000 strength. It is possible to have 15,000 power by purchasing or renting a few NFT cards. It is even possible to do this with just one NFT card. For example, the 4th level Lord Arianthus gives you 17,325 powers. If you have enough rating, you can say hello to the silver league just by renting this card. But I repeat, it would be wiser to find and rent what you need. I am just giving an example of an NFT card so that the article is not long.


The 4th level Lord Arianthus NFT card is trading at $1,150. If you want to rent it, you can rent it for 79 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) per day. Currently 1 DEC = 0.01057 dollars. 79 DEC = $0.83503.

If you've learned to play Splinterlands, it's pretty easy to level up. Well, let's examine what advantage the higher levels will have for us.


At the end of the season, the number of chests you can loot increases.


After completing daily quest, the number of chests you can loot increases.


In addition, the higher your level, the higher the value of the rewards. In addition, the DEC reward earned at the end of the war increases. It is possible to earn much more than we spend in the higher leagues when I make a rough calculation according to the monthly rental.

I'm currently at Silver II level, upgraded to this level yesterday. It is quite difficult to fight in this league compared to the bronze league, but I can say that it is more exciting. I was always fighting the same kind of battles in the bronze league, actually I was getting a little bored and I saw that it was good for me to make the decision to go to the silver league. I can also say that there has been a significant increase in rewards compared to bronze.

Splinterlands is a truly unique and wonderful game. It has been a game that I have been playing with excitement every day since the first day I started. Playing to the top leagues increased my excitement. Although the battles are now difficult, I can say that it makes me happy that they are more exciting. If I had known that he was so excited, I would have wanted to rise to the higher leagues long ago. But I like to climb the steps step by step so I'm in no rush right now I'm in the silver league, after gaining more experience here, I will decide to move up to the gold league in the future.

Finally, I would like to state that after you consider yourself sufficient, decide to go to the higher leagues, otherwise it may be disappointing for you. If you win most of the battles at the level you are in, it's time to go to the top league. I think that each league is more challenging, more exciting and more profitable than the previous one.

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I wanted to play in the silver league too, I'll try that. Thanks!