splinterlands daily swearfest - day 10 - garbage water splinter


starting points 2050 - finishing points 2187 (barely held on through the high level asshats today)

got in a couple extra early rounds for decent streak to push me up a few points

well crap - so much for the quick early boost - bout to throw them points away

win 1 lose 1 - eqaulizer and i lost to all level 1's - fucking bullshit

annndddd here comes the fucking level 8 motherfuckers

followed by low mana garbage match vs more high level assholes - son of a bitch - keeping any points from wins is damn near impossible with this shit

it wasnt all terrible - could have made it to gold 2 - there's always tomorrow

we always like the epics ;)

*(this account is for entertainment purposes only - please consult a mental health professional if you consider taking any of this seriously)