splinterlands daily swearfest - day 11 - life quest


starting points 2187 - finishing points 2250 (after some back-and-forth BS)

the first early match put me into gold 2 - sweet !!! now i'll prolly lose my ass

annnnddd i get life splinter - definitely not my better set of cards

let's lose the first match to fucking level 1's - godddamn summoner with 3 buffs bullshit

here comes the fucking losing streak LOL - right back into gold 2 and still getting my ass kicked


win 1 - lose 1, win 2 - lose 2 , same fucking shit every day

up to 4 in row fucking pissed away now - fucking 70 points gone - like i wasn't even fucking trying

tooo many fucking high level fuckers playing right now - i gotta take a break before i get fucked out of another 100 points - fucking garbage

i stayed and battled it out for a few - made a come back

well, there's a decent draw - always like the epics and rares ;)

*(this account is for entertainment purposes only - please consult a mental health professional if you consider taking any of this seriously)