splinterlands daily swearfest - day 15 - earth quest


starting points 2418 - finishing points 2602 (got a decent final run in)

trying a few late rounds - fucking losing to lower cards just fucking pisses me off to no end

win 1 lose 1 - FINALLY - got a decent streak to hit gold 1 - don't know if i can hold it to finish the season - we'll see tomorrow

well, won a couple decent matches before the 12 mana vs level 8's bullshit

annnddddd then lose to a bunch of fucking level 1's- i fucking hate this game some days

got 100 points before the back and forth bullshit - it's either fucking level 1's or level 8's

last day of the season and i get my crappy earth splinter

annnndd we lose the first match to fucking level 1's - fucking garbage !!!

anddd now for a never ending slough of fucking dogshit low mana crap matches - LOL lost that one to the fucking llama with one fucking card - BULLSHIT !!!!

win 2 - lose 1 , well that streak got fucked up

win 1- lose 1 - anndddd another fucking 12 mana bulshit match - uggggg, this game fucking hates me

i gotz 1 hour to make 200 more points to get to diamind 3 - a lot of back and forth coming up

sweet !!! an epic ANDDD some decent $dec

*(this account is for entertainment purposes only - please consult a mental health professional if you consider taking any of this seriously)